Wild Turkey Longbranch launches in Sydney

Eddie Russell, the Master Distiller of Wild Turkey, comes to Sydney to host a trade masterclass and a media dinner at Stanton & Co in Rosebery for the launch of Wild Turkey Longbranch.
The evening consisted of a meal where every course served was paired with a specially curated Longbranch cocktail.
Wild Turkey Longbranch (40% ABV) is an eight year old Wild Turkey, consisting of 75 percent corn, 13 percent rye and 10 percent malted barley. The bourbon undergoes two charcoal filtration methods, the first using charcoal from American white oak, and the other uses charcoal from Texas Mesquite wood (commonly used for smoking meats) which gives the bourbon its signature notes of subtle wood smoke. It is gold in colour and has caramel, pear, and citrus notes with hints of pepper, toasted oak, hazelnuts and a signature subtle smoke finish. It stands up well in classic cocktails and is good to sip neat or on ice.
Wild Turkey Longbranch was made in collaboration between Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey, who has served as the brand’s creative director since 2016, and Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell. It is the first time that a Wild Turkey bourbon bears the signature of someone other than Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell. By the way, Jimmy is Eddie’s dad, and between the two of them there is over 100 years worth of shared knowledge and  experience in making bourbon.
The name, Longbranch, was chosen by McConaughey as a sign of appreciation to Wild Turkey extending a long branch out to him and treating him as family.
At the event, Eddie Russell talked about how McConaughey wanted to create a Kentucky whiskey that was inspired by his Texan roots. The two were sharing notes and tasting samples until McConaughey called him at 4am one morning excited about a sample he had just tasted. That sample is Wild Turkey Longbranch and is the Oscar winner’s own special release.
The Longbranch cocktails tasted at the event consisted of: Longbranch Plumwood Old Fashioned which was served with soy truffle oysters & chorizo corn dog; Longbranch neat which was paired with chicken liver parfait, jamon, guindillas; Longbranch Citrus Highball which came with tuna tartare barley miso; Longbranch Manhattan which was served with rubbed smoked St Louis spare ribs; and Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 1894 neat which was matched with white chocolate textures.

For more information about Wild Turkey Longbranch, go to: https://wildturkeybourbon.com/product/wild-turkey-longbranch/

Wild Turkey launches The Wild Turkey Way event series to encourage Australians to do things the Wild Turkey Way

The Wild Turkey event series launches in Sydney to encourage Australians to do thing the Wild Turkey Way at the Annandale Hotel on Thursday 4 May 2017.

Wild Turkey has teamed up with famed Australian artists to create an event series which will hit Sydney and Melbourne hotspots throughout May. Wild Turkey Bourbon’s iconic master distillers, Jimmy and Eddie Russell wish to encourage Australians to do things the Wild Turkey Way.

For the launch, guests were also among the first to taste the new signature cocktail, the Wild Turkey Kentucky Firebird – a smoke infused beverage that enhances the bold flavours of genuine bourbon. Guests watched bartenders live-smoked each glass with American oak woodchips before adding Grand Marnier, Cinzano Rosso, Maraschino to enhance the flavours of Wild Turkey 101. Other Wild Turkey cocktails served that night included: Wild Turkey Kentucky Fresh Apple (Wild Turkey 86.8 Bourbon topped with freshly squeezed apple juice); and Wild Turkey Kentucky Gold Rush (Wild Turkey 86.8 Bourbon, Lemon Juice and Honey syrup, shaken garnished with a fresh lemon wedge).

The bourbon-themed menu for the night was created by famed burger king, Josh Arthurs from Burgers by Josh. He added smoky bourbon flavours to the Americana style food menu including: smoked turkey wingettes with peach and bourbon BBQ sauce; cheeseburger spring rolls with Signature Wagyu Sriracha, Wild Turkey infused cheese sauce and sweet and sour pickles; nacho tatter tots with guacamole sour cream, Pico de galle and Wild Turkey cheese sauce; the wild south cheeseburger with signature wagyu chipotle mayo, sweet and sour pickles and Wild Turkey peach and BBQ sauce; and Wild Turkey chocolate brownie made with whipped Irish Cream Wild Turkey, Hershey chocolate sauce and candied nuts.

The Sydney events will launch a unique gallery of artwork featuring ARIA award-winning musician turned artist Bertie Blackman; maverick street artist and sculptor Will Coles; and multidisciplinary star Nikolaus Dolman.

The launch of The Wild Turkey Way follows the announcement of Academy Award winning actor, Matthew McConaughey, who joined the Wild Turkey team as Creative Director to tell the story behind the Master Distillers.

Events will be held at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney on the 12th, 19th and 26th of May. The events are free to the public.

To be a part of The Wild Turkey Way event series, visit www.facebook.com/wildturkey and follow the Wild Turkey Way at #wildturkeyway