Coffee and cocktails unite with the Tia Maria + Coffee Project launch in Australia

On a wet Wednesday night, Tia Maria and coffee roaster Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee celebrated the Australian launch of Tia Maria + Coffee Project.

Tia Maria is a coffee liqueur made with Arabica coffee beans, vanilla and Jamaican rum. It was popular in the 80s drunk straight or over ice. Now, Tia Maria has a new-look, sleeker bottle and is back in vogue. It is more commonly drunk as a base for an espresso martini or other coffee cocktails.

Tia Maria + Coffee Project is a global initiative combining coffee and cocktails. Tia Maria aligns itself with bespoke coffee roasters in each region to make delicious coffee cocktails. In Sydney it has teamed up with Rosebery based Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee to launch Tia Maria + Coffee Project to Sydney trade and media.

The night started off with the ever so popular classic Espresso Martini. Guests enjoyed the drink mixed with Tia Maria and snacked on beef sliders and delicious tiramisu desserts. Continuing to the next refreshing station, guests tried the Tia Mint Americano and the Tia Mint Frappè, both great cocktails.

As the rain continued, Tia Maria’s brand ambassador, Matteo Fabbris, explained the flavour sensations of Tia Maria when combined with quality coffee beans. Then guests went back to listening to great tunes and chatting all things coffee and cocktails.

The night finished off with and Iced Popcorn Frappè, a pure indulgence!

All guests were given a bottle of Tia Maria to take home and the six recipes listed below:

  • Tia Espresso Martini – 25ml Tia Maria, 25ml vodka, double or single shot of espresso, 5ml sugar syrup
  • Tia Mint Frappe – 25ml Tia Maria, double shot of espresso, 6 mint leaves and 50ml milk
  • Tia Mint Americano – 25ml Tia Maria, double shot of espresso, 10ml sugar syrup, 6 mint leaves and 30ml sparkling water
  • Tia Iced Popcorn Frappe – 50ml Tia Maria, 50ml milk, double shot of espresso, 20ml of popcorn syrup and popcorn
  • Tia Flat White – 25ml Jamaican Rum, 25ml Tia Maria, shot of espresso, 5ml demerara sugar and 30ml milk
  • Tia Cappuccino – 25ml Tia Maria, 25ml vodka, shot of espresso, and morello cherry or salted caramel foam.

Thanks to Tia Maria, coffee lovers can now enjoy coffee from a morning cup to an evening cocktail!

For more information about Tia Maria + Coffee Project, go to: