Make a pledge to donate blood and get a free dessert from Three Blue Ducks

Three Blue Ducks Rosebery has joined forces with Byron Bay Cookie Company to give away a free dessert as part of the Australian Red Cross missing type campaign.

Patrons get a free dessert of sticky date and mandarin pudding with choc ganache, Byron Bay Cookie crumble and vanilla bean ice cream from Tuesday 16 August 2016 to Sunday 21 August 2016 if they come to Three Blue Ducks Rosebery to discover their blood type and make a pledge to donate blood.

This limited edition pudding was created by the chefs of Three Blue Ducks which included the former Masterchef winner Andy Allen who is pictured below holding the dessert.

The Missing Type campaign was launched in the UK in June 2015 by NHS Blood and Transplant and has now gone worldwide with 26 blood services from 24 countries getting involved. Everything from iconic signs and landmarks, business names, sporting teams and TV shows have dropped the three letters A, O and B from their names to encourage people to consider what it would be like if their blood type went missing and encourage them to donate blood.

Byron Bay Cookie Company, which have been providing cookies to the Australian Red Cross for many years, have dropped the letters A, O and B from their name to raise awareness of this good cause.

In Australia, a blood donation is needed every 24 seconds to provide life-saving treatments to patients. That’s 25,000 every week and 1.3 million every year. To meet patient needs, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs 100,000 new blood donors to give blood for the first time over the next year.

Three Blue Ducks Rosebery

Address: 1/85 Dunning Avenue Rosebery.

Opening Hours: Tues – Fri 7am to 2:30pm Sat and Sun 7am to 3pm.


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