Hendrick’s Gin and the giant cucumber

Hendrick’s Gin celebrated the unusual at the Champagne Bar at Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour on Thursday 21 March 2019.

Hendrick’s Gin and cucumbers make the perfect combination. The gin is actually made by infusing the essence of roses and cucumber and 11 botanicals from the four corners of the world.

It is not surprising then, that Hendrick’s Gin created an inflatable 40-metre-long, 8-metre-high and 25-metre-wide cucumber that would float around Sydney Harbour and promote the brand.

However, at a media event designed to celebrate this giant cucumber, Hendrick’s Gin announced that they have lost the giant cucumber while in transit to Sydney Harbour and whoever finds it gets a lifetime supply of Hendricks Gin and cucumbers.

To assist in the search they launched ‘Cucumber Currency’, a gin exchange platform in which consumers can swap a cucumber for a free gin and tonic on the weekend of the 24th to 25th of March 2019 down at participating venues in Darling Harbour.

Further, the iconic Green Park Hotel (at 360 Victoria Street Darlinghurst) have launched ‘Gin in the Park’ every Thursday, in partnership with Hendrick’s Gin. There will be interactive gin events, from masterclasses of the most educational nature, to oddly immersive experiences involving martinis, blindfolds and other secrets.

However, reports in the media state that the giant cucumber deflated soon after setting sail and sunk in Sydney Harbour.

For more information about Hendrick’s Gin, go to: www.hendricksgin.com

For more information about ‘Gin in the Park’, head to: www.greenparkhotel.com.au/gininthepark

Hendrick’s Gin grows an unusually Australian cucumber for its cocktails

Hendrick’s Gin held an elegant soiree to celebrate the first unusually Australian cucumber at Elizabeth Bay House on Thursday 9 November 2016.

Hendrick’s is an unusual gin that is oddly infused with roses and cucumbers. Now Hendrick’s Gin have developed the most distinctive cucumber in history and invited guests to a party to sample it. The cucumber is grown at Sydney University’s research facility in Camden. The aim was to grow a genetically modified cucumber with superior taste, natural resistance to fungi and better suited to gin and tonics. After a social media campaign where fans were asked to vote on Australia’s most iconic ingredients to grow cucumbers, emu poop, yabby shells and Simpson Desert soil were the chosen winners.

Guest were served Hendrick’s gin mixological libations and unusual cucumber-inspired gastronomic delights. The drinks that were served included: Hendrick’s Gin and tonic; Home Amongst the Gums cocktail made from Hendrick’s Gin, lime juice, cucumber juice, eucalyptus syrup, soda water and eucalyptus leaves; Dawes cocktail made from Hendrick’s Gin, lemon myrtle cordial, cucumber juice, lime juice, pepper and sparkling wine; Three Sisters cocktail made from Hendrick’s Gin, strawberry gum, blueberry syrup, cucumber juice, lime juice, and blueberries. All drinks were garnished with cucumber.

The event was quirky, just like Hendrick’s. It included tea leaf readers and cucumber hand massages.

For more information about Hendrick’s Gin, go to: https://us.hendricksgin.com/

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Hendrick’s Gin brings the abandoned circus installation to the Spectrum Now Festival

Hendrick’s Gin has returned to The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now Festival from Thursday 3rd to Sunday 13th March 2016, in The Domain.

This year Hendrick’s Gin will be surprising and delighting festival goers with their aptly named ‘Abandoned Circus’ displays and Hendrick’s & Tonic serves – with a cucumber, of course.

These captivating exhibitions will be brought to life with Hendrick’s performers, who will welcome visitors into the wondrous world of Hendrick’s.

Also as part of the Spectrum Now Festival, Hendricks has partnered with gelato connoisseur, Gelato Messina. The talented team behind this gelato powerhouse have developed, and will be serving, a custom created cucumber sorbet, designed to savour with a wondrous tipple of Hendricks Gin & tonic. Festivalgoers can savour this gin and sorbet delight for FREE during the festival.

Hendrick’s Marketing Manager Jacqueline Nalder says, “The Abandoned Circus is designed to reward the inherent intelligence, inquisitiveness, humour and imagination of our existing and new consumers. Whether visitors are interested in sampling Hendricks, watching quirky performances or indulging in a new Messina flavour, there’s something to delight all of the senses.” 

Hendrick’s is one of the world’s most loved super premium gins. Handcrafted by William Grant & Sons, Hendrick’s Gin is proudly distilled in miniscule batches in the seaside village of Girvan, Scotland, with a unique mix of botanicals before being infused with rose and cucumber. It creates a flavour unlike any other gin in the world.

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