Good Food Month’s Night Noodle Markets return to Sydney

BBQ pork skewers, bao with delicious pork, beef or chicken fillings, charcoal BBQ pork buns, mango sago cake, and a quirky flavoured crème brulee gelato made with liquid nitrogen are just some of the amazing dishes that will be served at Good Food Month’s Night Noodle Markets which returns to Hyde Park Sydney from October 5 to 22, 2017


There will be over 40 sizzling food stalls serving up the best street food from across Asia every night of the week.  


The Night Noodle Market’s will also feature family-friendly live music, DJs, and LED-lit dancing dragons. The always popular savoury dishes by Mr Bao. Hoy Pinoy, and Let’s Do Yum Cha will return together with the bespoke dessert creations by Gelato Messina, Black Star Pastry and N2 Gelato.


Mr Bao will be spoiling us with Gua Bao Trio (which will consist of crackling pork belly, Karaage chicken, Korean BBQ Beef baos), crackling pork fried, and pork belly bao-less Sanga with fries.


Hoy Pinoy will be lighting up their charcoal BBQs and serving up their ever so popular BBQ pork and chicken skewers. Their pork skewers are marinated in Pandan, lemongrass and garlic, and roasted for many hours.


Let’s Do Yum Cha will have an array of yum cha treats including Lo Mai Gai (sticky rice with chicken wrapped in lotus leaves), vegetarian spring, rolls, chicken dim sims, vegetarian dumplings, BBQ pork bun, prawn and chive dumplings and custard buns.


Gelato Messina will be serving up their unusual gelato creations of O-No-Giri (green tea gelato and pistachio mousse dipped in rice bubbles and white chocolate) and Kamikaze Katsu Sandwich (a deep fried gelato Katsu sandwich made with Sudachi lime gelato coated in red velvet cake and Panko crumbs sandwiched in fluffy white bread with Yuzu sauce).


N2 Gelato will be surprising us with an Asian flavoured crème brulee gelato made with liquid nitrogen.


And my favourite bakery, Black Star Pastry, will be launching their mango sago cake and their cherry tiramisu which is made with Brand’s Laira Coonawarra wine at the markets.


The markets will again be cash-free, so you’ll be able to spend less time queuing and more time saving.  


The Night Noodle will be open from Monday and Tuesday from 5pm – 9pm, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm – 10pm, Friday from 5pm – 11pm, Saturday from 4pm-10pm and Sunday from 4pm – 9pm


For more information about the Night Noodle Markets, go to:



Chandon Summer Castaway Party at the Beresford Hotel

While the VIPs and celebrities partied at the combined Vogue Magazine and Chandon Summer Castaway Party at Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel on Tuesday 21 October 2014, the general public got to join in the fun and celebrate the launch of the new Chandon bottle at the Beresford Hotel on Saturday 25 October 2014.

This mid afternoon party at the courtyard of the Beresford Hotel was attended by Eastern Suburbs locals who were literally given unlimited bottles of Chandon to drink, BBQ food and Gelato Messina ice-cream to consume.

The décor of the courtyard matched the nautical theme of the Chandon bottle. The main feature was the media wall that had Chandon Summer written across it with Chandon bottles. Attendees that had their picture taken at the media wall and uploaded their photo onto instagram where given Chandon branded sunglasses and thongs. One lucky instagramer got to win a chest full of bottles of Chandon, Chandon branded towels, beach balls and other summer goodies.

As part of the Chandon Summer Castaway at The Beresford Hotel, patrons can enjoy a bottle of Chandon Brut for only $40 every Saturday from 12pm to 5pm.

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