Emu Australia launches its first stand alone store in Sydney

EMU Australia is delighted to announce the opening of their first world wide stand-‐alone retail store in collaboration with retail partner All Things Australian.

The store’s official opening was on January 28th, 2016, in the heart of the busy Sydney tourist precinct in the CBD.

Positioned near The Rocks and Circular Quay at 220 George Street, the store is situated at one of the   main thoroughfares for commuters and tourists to and from the CBD. The store showcases a complete 365 day range of premium products including Spring/Summer, Platinum Australian, Beach, Balance, Originals and Waterproof styles.

Influenced by their Ever Natural surroundings, from natural textures and earth-‐inspired palettes, to local cultural influences, the store is the first of the EMU Australia brand identity. Fixtures include   customised features such as the Pearl White Wave Wall that matches the wave patterns featured on the brand’s footwear soles, large placement TV screens and Ever Natural wood highlights.

Choosing Australia for the first global store launch was natural due to the birthplace of the brand – Geelong, Victoria. EMU Australia is available worldwide in over 70 countries and through 5000 stores, as well as emuaustralia.com.au.

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