Mr Black and Bar Swift at Charlie Parker’s

Coffee liqueur brand, Mr Black, and London’s Best New International Cocktail Bar, Bar Swift, joined forces at Sydney’s Charlie Parker’s, to showcase the future of coffee and cocktails on Wednesday February 13th.

Swift Bar’s Managing Director, Bobby Hiddleston, and Hamish Dowie, Winner of the 2018 Mr Black x Swift Bartender Competition, travelled to Sydney to curate a bespoke new menu of Mr Black and Bar Swift classic cocktails.

I hate coffee and until now I could never quite understand Sydney’s obsession with espresso martinis. From my perspective, it is just an unholy, unnecessary mix of coffee and vodka, however, I tasted most of the cocktails on this menu and they were quite incredible. The coffee is not too overpowering and the flavour and complexity of the drinks is quite amazing. I am converted!

One of my favourite drinks of the night, and unsurprisingly a bespoke award-winning cocktail, was Higher Ground — a smooth blend of Mr Black, Mr Black Amaro, orange bitters and coconut. It had a thick layer of cream on top and almost 90ml of liquor underneath. The drink was designed to be sipped through the cream, rather than mixed together.

Another crowd favourite was the classic Bar Swift cocktail, Sgroppino, which consisted of a delicious blend of prosecco and lemon sorbet.

All these drinks were consumed with popular items on Charlie Parker’s menu, including oysters, beef tartare, striploin beef crostini with ricotta and chimichurri, potato croquettes with smoked burrata and salsa brava, pork and veal meatballs with spicy tomato sauce and, my favourite, wood fired flatbread with mozzarella, greens and fennel.

Charlie Parker’s will be offering a selection of Mr Black and Bar Swift cocktails on their drink menu for a limited time only.

Charlie Parker’s is located at 380 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021

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