Sydney’s first men’s fashion seminar leads men onto the Dapper path

The men of Sydney gathered to be guided onto the dapper path at the Hotel CBD on Saturday 16 July 2016.

The Dappertude is Sydney’s first men’s fashion seminar that educates men about the three most important attributes of dressing: suiting; grooming; and accessorising. There were three main presentations and a panel of influences that discussed their own experiences of dressing well and being dapper. The panel influencers included: Shaun Birley, The Filtered Fit, Steve Tilly Style and Sam Wines.

For suiting, the two men from Institchu, Timothy Aquino and Mayowa Adeniyi, advised men that they require two suits for work, a navy and charcoal suit, that they should rotate. Men should never wear a black suit unless it is black tie event.

The biggest mistake men make with suits is that they dry clean them too often. A suit should be dry cleaned two to three times a year. If a man wishes to air their suit, they should hang it in the bathroom while showering.

The fit of a suit is important. It should give the illusion of the ideal body shape. There should be ample room to move around. The tailor should add 3cm to the chest measurement, 4cm to the stomach measurement and 3cm to the hip measurement. The sleeve of the jacket should reach the wristline. The jacket should cover the crotch and the bottom of the back pocket. The length of the trousers should be one inch off the ground with shoes on and have a single break when touching the top of the shoe.

The overall advice Institchu provided to men is that they should stick to their own personal style because when they dress in their own style they wear it with more confidence.

For grooming, founder of Gentsac, Shira O’Sullivan, shared her knowledge and tips of essential grooming, which is often neglected by men. The overall advice she offered men is that they should cleanse and moisturise daily, and exfoliate once a week. The products used vary from person to person and should suit a man’s skin type. There is no one best product.

For accessorising, founder of The Dappertude Johnny Li presented his essential advice which includes that the:

  • tie pin should be in the chest area and not low in the stomach area
  • pocket square should never match the tie
  • pocket square should compliment the suit
  • length of the tie should not be longer than the buckle of the belt.

Overall, he advised men not to leave the house without a pocket square. A pocket square changes a whole outfit and differentiates one man from the other. There are many ways to fold a pocket square but he recommended the three most common (the triangle fold, the puff fold and the reverse puff). The triangle fold is more appropriate for corporate wear.

So what happens when a lady starts crying? Should a man offer her his pocket square to use as a hanky? The answer is no. The pocket square is for show and belongs in the jacket breast pocket. Men should carry a handkerchief in their back or front pocket or in their jacket’s inside pocket and offer to a lady when required.

For more information about The Dappertude, go to:

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The Sydney Fair Returns to Sydney for the Fourth Year

The Sydney Fair returns to Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park for the fourth year, 26th – 29th May 2016 Unlike any other event in Australia, The Sydney Fair maintains its uniqueness as the only fair in Australia offering unique Art Deco, 20th Century and Vintage pieces across fashion, jewellery and interiors.
Capturing the full scope of all things beautiful and unique no matter what the budget or style, collectors, enthusiasts and the general public can set their sights on a variety of exclusive finds across furniture, lighting and objects, everything from a rare Fantoni figure or an inlaid Art Deco Sideboard to an Inca chair by Morell. For the fashion forward, you won’t be able to go past stunning pieces such as a huge emerald Art Deco engagement ring, a Vintage Chanel 2.25 bag to a 1950s ball gown. Some of the other must have pieces include bronzes, lamps, silver and porcelain.
The Sydney Fair will showcase a special Couture Exhibition ‘The Little Black Dress’. A still exhibition of vintage fashion and memorable classic silhouettes, which have been individually chosen to be on display – and not only to touch but also available for purchase.
The exhibition will include classic silhouettes with pieces starting from the 1920s when Coco Chanel introduced “The Little Black Dress” in Vogue in 1926. Fair goers can also expect a look into one of Marilyn Monroe’s favourite designers – Ceil Chapman as well as a string of global luxury fashion labels from Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior and Gaultier.
With 30 dealers exhibiting their items this year, you can expect to find rare and collectable items from a Vintage Chanel purse to a dining suite or a piece of wall art – many of which can’t be found anywhere else.
The Sydney Fair, details:
When: Thursday 26th May, 2016 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday 27th May, 2016 – 11:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 28th May, 2016 – 11:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 29th May, 2016 – 11:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Byron Kennedy Hall, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park NSW 2021
Tickets: Available at the door or online:
Price: Opening Night $30.00, General Day Admission $15.00, Concession $10.00 and children under 16 years of age free.
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See the talent and passion of Sydney’s arts and craft industry come alive at The Rocks Markets

On Sunday 15 May 2016, media and bloggers were taken on a tour of The Rocks Markets and provided an insight into the creativity of stallholders and history of The Rocks.

At The Rocks Markets you will find arts and crafts, photography, clothing, bags, Australiana, indigenous artware, one-off jewellery, books and much more.

As part of the tour we got to talk to various stallholders and heard the stories behind the unique products they created. What became apparant was that the products they created were handmade with a lot of passion and talent.

We also met Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority’s archaeologist, Wayne Johnson, who told us about the history of the families who lived in the houses for almost 200 years. In the 1970s, the local community was concerned about being moved out of The Rocks, a place they and their families had been living in for generations. They called on the trade union movement and prominent Sydney personalities to help them save The Rocks. A leading force was Nita McCrae who formed The Rocks Residents Group. McCrae could trace her ancestors in The Rocks back to 1800. By 1975, the government decided all buildings north of the Cahill Expressway were to be retained, conserved and restored. As a result of the actions of this community group, the Australian Heritage Commission Act was passed. It set about the identification and protection of both built and natural items considered important to the people of Australia.

The stallholders at The Rocks Markets included:

  1. Bell Art has created unique aromatic, dining and stationing gifts with painting of Australian native flora by Meryl Bell.
  2. AHW Studio has been designing and making jewelry for over five years. Each piece is a combination on old elegance and modern detail.
  3. Animalyser has been making quirky animal t-shirts, singlets and accessories for four years. Buyers are encouraged to select an animal which reflects their personality.
  4. Arthur Avenue creates clothing with a vintage flair and modern twist to create mesmerising designs for trendy kids.
  5. Bee Bowen creates scarfs that capture a unique snapshot of a time and place in Australia.
  6. BonnieBix makes all butter shortbread pop culture themed biscuits that are decorated with sprinkles and M&Ms on the back.
  7. By Pure Pleasure manufactures natural products for well being such as skin treatments and aromatherapy candles.
  8. Christopher Hanlon makes organics skincare, handmade leather bags and fashion accessories.
  9. Christmas Never Ends sells exclusive Christmas ornaments all year round.
  10. Cleanse with Benefits creates artisan soaps, skincare and candles.
  11. Cool Leather sells Australian kangaroo leather bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings and accessories.
  12. Creatively Belle sells handmade jewellery.
  13. Downward Dingo has t-shirts and singlets featuring animal yoga poses.
  14. Emporium of Chocolate has unique and delicious mouth-watering chocolates.
  15. Enchanting Angels is a newly launched range of unique premium Angel teddy bear and Angel playsuits.
  16. Erlenmeyer Art is a collection of watercolours and ink artwork by Stephanie Gray including illustrations, playing cardsm gift cards, books, prints and originals.
  17. Eva Cassis is a  lifestyle brand that creates fashion, accessories and homewares.
  18. Garage 16 makes customised and redefined new clothing with a renovated look.
  19. Giorgi’s Gelato is small husband and wife owned business making premium gelato.
  20. Gourmet Tucker is a business which makes dried fruit (without sulphites or sugar, jams, marmalades and curds.
  21. Hoity Toity makes baby clothes for newborns to 18 month old toddlers.
  22. Joseph Austin prints etched artworks particularly of Australian plants and animals.
  23. Jularoo Designs makes chalkboard mats for children, and hair accessories and jewellery for females of all ages.
  24. Kanguro Originals makes Australian made garments, unique Australian Christmas cards, greeting card, 100 per cent cotton tea towels.
  25. Kerry Malone Books creates illustrations for books and is the author of ‘You can do it Joey’.
  26. Leatheron is a premium leather fashion brand created in 2013 by designer Tommy Ge. It offers a full range os women and men’s ready to wear leather and accessories.
  27. Libby Pool creates exquisite handmade paua shell jewellery which she sources from New Zealand.
  28. Market Fresh Chestnuts provides freshly roasted chestnuts that are great for winter.
  29. Matteo Berna Art is art created by Matteo Bernasconi on a variety of mediums such as watercolour, oil, ink, charcoal, print and digital media.
  30. Mini Monet Cupcakes are unique shaped cupcakes inspired by the French impressionist artist Claude Monet.
  31. Mislu specialises in handcrafted papergoods, featuring quirky and unique designs and printed using premium paperstock and archival ink.
  32. MJ Ryan Leather makes goods in the Northern Rivers, keeping the old tradition of leathercraft alive.
  33. Natalie Ness is a bespoke jewellery designer specialising in custom made pendants and charms which are locally cast and plated in antique gold.
  34. Nattivo provides handmade wooden watches and sunglasses crafted by artisans in the Caribbean using recycled tropical wood.
  35. Paula Church is a botanical and brd artist who has previously worked on the diamond jubilee state coach of HM the Queen
  36. Penelope Red designs unique clothes with lots of colour, interesting textures and mixed with vintage styling
  37. Perri Dee creates original edgy artwork that is elegant, timeless, aesthetic stimulating and exciting.
  38. Ping Lian Yeak is a young artist whose work has been exhibited around the world. He was discovered at the age of 11 and has appeared in numerous documentaries and various high-profile shows.
  39. Poco a Poco are a group of artists that create new products out of glass bottles and provide consumers with a unique range of products that also help the environment
  40. Poetry makes deliciously crisp toffee, laced with roasted almonds, topped with the finest Belgium chocolate and dusted with almond fines.
  41. Ronnie-arts provides customers with contemporary made artworks and designs.
  42. Somkiat Hansathit makes beautiful watercolour prints featuring a personal view and a collection of Sydney areas by Dtai S. Hansathit. The artist carries a small sketchbook and portable watercolour palette with him everywhere he goes. He captures the mood, atmosphere and essence of his subjects across the spectrum of day to day activities; landscape; cityscape; people; sports.
  43. Soontaree creates multipurpose and everyday items with Soontaree’s unique eye for detail.
  44. Sticky confectioners make hand made beautiful rock candy that can also be used for weddings and corporate events.
  45. Studio 106 make traditional and art nouveau style jewellery handcrafted from sterling silver with 9ct gold details and a sparkle of natural gem stones
  46. Supertrooper Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio in the Northern Beaches which utilises traditional Swedish design values of quality, functionalism and simplicity.
  47. The Licorice Shop makes a variety of flavoured certified organic liquorice.
  48. Valeria D-Annibale is a 3D printed jewellery designer that makes hand dyed jewellery.
  49. Your Nuts makes a selection of tasty caramalised nuts.
  50. The Rocks Market Buskers is: The Rosie Meader Trio, a family band based in Sydney who originated from the Netherlands; or the Mimosa Duo, a Sydney born and bred guitar and violin duo.

The Rocks Markets is open from 10am to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday.

It is located at Playfair Street, George Street and Jack Mundey Place, The Rocks.

For more information go to:

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week commences with a lot of glamour and style

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia officially kicked off on Sunday 15 May 2016 with the Resort 2017 collection fashion parade of Toni Maticevski at Barangaroo Cutaway.

Over 900 guests attended including top industry media, VIPS and buyers from around the world (including Bergdorf Goodman from the USA and Net-A-Porter from the UK).

Celebrities that attended included Bridget Malcolm, Dan Single and Bambi, Delta Goodrem, Nikki Phillips,

The collection saw striking silhouettes and exaggerated cuts hit the runway. models paraded down the runway wearing handcuffs, having embellished metal across their mouths and holding cameras to film their audience.

_MG_9837 _MG_9859 _MG_9855 _MG_9849 _MG_9845 _MG_9879 _MG_9887 _MG_9875 _MG_9873 _MG_9871 _MG_9865 _MG_9905 _MG_9902 _MG_9897 _MG_9892 _MG_9910 _MG_9943 _MG_9940 _MG_9934 _MG_9933 _MG_9930 _MG_9923 _MG_9919 _MG_9918 _MG_9913 _MG_9944 _MG_9987 _MG_9979 _MG_9976 _MG_9972 _MG_9967 _MG_9962 _MG_9955 _MG_9952 _MG_9948 _MG_9991 _MG_0045 _MG_0041 _MG_0039 _MG_0037 _MG_0031 _MG_0028 _MG_0025 _MG_0024 _MG_0022 _MG_0021 _MG_0019 _MG_0018 _MG_0008 _MG_0005


Tod’s and Ferrari host a VIP night at Sydney Westfield

On Wednesday 20 April 2015, ytd, on behalf of Tod’s and Ferrari Maserati Sydney, hosted Tod’s for Ferrari Showcase Aperitivo at the Level 3 Atrium in Westfield Sydney.

Tod’s and Ferrari, two of the world’s most prestigious and iconic brands, are both symbols of Made in Italy and known and loved all over the world. The exclusive partnership brought yet another sophisticated collection that is deeply rooted in the most authentic Italian tradition of craftmanship. An exclusive line defined by traits borrowed from the racing circuit, further refined by that unmistakable shade of red and Tod’s traditional precision in the production of exquisite leather goods.

Following the Aperitivo guests were invited to a VIP Shopping Night at the Tod’s Boutique to launch the new SS16 Tod’s for Ferrari Collection for men and inaugural women’s collection.

Special guests of the event included Channel 7 Beauty and the Geek stylist Donny Galella, Miss Universe Australia Monika Radulovic and artist fiancee Alesandro Ljubicic, stylist Joshua Heath, fashion blogger Phoebe Garland, model Luke Casey, models Jordan and Zac Stenmark, A Place To Call Home actor David Berry, and my lovely friend Ron Basto.

The partnership between Tod’s and Ferrari continues into the new SS16 Collection, a partnership that beautifully combines two luxury brands that are both symbols of Made in Italy and known and loved all over the world.

The Tod’s Ferrari Gommino is sold at:

Tod’s Westfield Sydney,

Level 3, Shop 3035,

188 Pitt Street,

Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 8203 0901


Gregory Jewellers launches the new Baume & Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra watches in Australia

On Tuesday 12 April 2016, Gregory Jewellers Co-Chief Executives Helen Gregory and Edward Gregory hosted an intimate cocktail event celebrating their long partnership with Baume & Mercier, and the Australian launch of an exciting new collection, Capeland Shelby Cobra which is exclusive to Gregory Jewellers.

Guests were welcomed to Bushby under the Garage at Riley Street Woolloomooloo by Mr Jean Conrie, Brand Manager of Baume & Mercier alongside members of the Australian Cobra Club. who stood proudly next to their vintage Shelby Cobra motorcars.

Whisky and Laurent Perrier champagne flowed as guests enjoyed canapes such as: smokey soy truffle oysters; sashimi fish ‘n’ chips tartare; beef carpaccio soy vinegar, brioche croutons; chorizo corn dog, dijon mayo; crispy fried squid; spinach ricotta ravioli with burnt sage butter; crispy pork belly with soy mustard, pickled apple; shoestring fries with aioli vinegar; white chocolate and rhubarb pannacotta; and liquid lemon cheesecake.

There was also live watchmaking demonstrations and the preview of the exclusive Shelby Cobra watch collection.

For more information about the new Capeland Shleby Cobra watch collection, go to:

_MG_7337 _MG_7341 _MG_7343 _MG_7346 _MG_7365 _MG_7368 _MG_7375 _MG_7394 _MG_7396 _MG_7398 _MG_7409 _MG_7415 _MG_7417 _MG_7436 _MG_7440 _MG_7441 _MG_7453 _MG_7455 _MG_7460 _MG_7467 _MG_7471 _MG_7493 _MG_7494 _MG_7495 _MG_7499 _MG_7506

Myer hosts the stars at Randwick Racecourse for Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day

On Saturday 9 April 2016, Lucia Valentina and Damien Oliver won the Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Petra Nolan won the Longines Prize for Elegance, Stacie Kidner won Best Dressed Woman, Brock Cross won Best Bressed Man, Longines Ambassador of Elegance, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, presented the Longines prizes and Myer hosted Sydney’s top models and celebrities in the Myer Marquee.

Lucia Valentina and Damien Oliver won one of the richest races in the world. The Swiss watch brand Longines has the honor to lend its name to this race, as well as be the Official Timekeeper and Watch of the Royal Randwick racecourse and the Australian Turf Club. The winning owner, trainer and jockey were awarded an elegant Longines watch by Longines Ambassador of Elegance Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Another elegant Longines watch was presented as the Longines Prize for Elegance by the Longines Ambassador to praise Petra Nolan from Sydney’s highly distinguished outfit during the raceday. Stacie Kidner was awarded Best Dressed Woman and Brock Cross won Dressed Man on Myer Fashion on the Field.

The watch prizes were from the Longines DolceVita collection, which illustrate the contemporary elegance of the Longines watchmaking brand worldwide. The watch is cased in steel, decorated with diamonds and featuring a silver-coloured “flinqué” dial adorned with painted Roman numerals. This timepiece is mounted on a red leather strap.

In the Myer Marquee, Myer hosted celebrities such as model Kris Smith, TV presenter Nikki Phillips, actress Jodi Gordon, The Bachelor’s Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, celebrity make-up artist and presenter Michael Brown, model Dougie Joseph, PR guru and blogger Simon Hancock, model Carlie Philby, and many others.

_MG_6989 _MG_6973 _MG_6976 _MG_6977 _MG_7007 _MG_6995 _MG_6987 _MG_7018 _MG_7023 _MG_7048 _MG_7040 _MG_7035 _MG_7032 _MG_7027 _MG_7051 _MG_7067 _MG_7063 _MG_7056 _MG_7055 _MG_7087 _MG_7079 _MG_7075 _MG_7074 _MG_7069  _MG_7102 _MG_7099 _MG_7095 _MG_7089

Longines brings Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Sydney for the launch of the DolceVita collection

On Friday, 8 April 2016, internationally renowned actress and global beauty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan launched the Longines DolceVita collection at a star-studded cocktail party at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Rai Bachchan, a Longines Ambassador of Elegance for more than 10 years, used her first ever visit to Sydney to reveal the new timepiece to guests, at an Italian-inspired soiree last night.
One hundred and forty attendees came including Carla Zampatti, Terry Biviano, racing royalty James Cummings, Aje.duo Adrian Norris and Edwina Robinson, Erin V Holland, Michael Brown, Nerida Winter and reality television personality Laurina Fleure viewed the new watches in the DolceVita collection.
Inspired by the “sweet life”, the new model introduces rose gold and steel elements to the collection, which blends geometric lines with soft curves to magnify the brand’s contemporary elegance and femininity.
Upon arrival at the event, each guest was given a coin to toss into a specially-designed three-tiered fountain, with Rai Bachchan drawing the name of Benji Condi, who won a DolceVita watch as a special souvenir of the evening.
Immersed in a glamorous environment reminiscent of a 1950s cocktail party, perfectly groomed wait staff served Peroni, Negroni cocktails, Italian varietal wines and classic Roman and Neapolitan fare. To a soundtrack of European jazz and with black and white Fellini tableaux projected onto the walls, guests enjoyed parmesan, prosciutto and figs, vitello tonnato, gnocci alla ragu and assorted Dolce, true to the Italian table.
Longines was founded in Switzerland in 1832, and has maintained since that time a devotion to tradition, elegance and performance. Actress Rai Bachchan, considered one of the world’s most beautiful women, embodies the Longines slogan of ‘elegance is an attitude’.
The DolceVita collection features steel casings, a solid gold crown, quartz movement and rose gold hourglass, with some models featuring a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond setting.
For more information about Longines DolceVita watches, go to:!/watches/dolcevita
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M.J. Bale launches their Winter Collection at their Martin Place Flagship Store

M.J. Bale threw a party on Wednesday 9 March 2016 for the launch of their Winter Collection at their new Martin Place Flagship Store in Sydney.

Guests such as Vogue Living editor, Neale Whitaker, and Channel Ten stylist, Amanda Jessup, enjoyed Moet Champagne, Johnnie Walker Blue whisky and canapes while admiring single and double breasted suits in inked blue and muted autumnal tones.

Other items of the new winter collection include: heavy wool-silk jackets; sports coats in multiple colours; one-and-a-half breasted jacket; velvet smoking tuxedo in navy, burgundy and emerald green; woollen car coats; woollen and double-faced cotton pea coats; a denim melange lab coat; traditional shower proof trenches; Italian knitwear; cable knits in dark navy and charcoal; superfine crew necks in black and navy; heavy gauge fisherman’s-style crew necks in oatmeal and navy; and a navy chunky knit cardigan.

M..J. Bale has a new deconstructed label called MJB that was introduced in late 2015. Items in the winter collection include a denim jacket, white denim jeans, Nordic inspired striped tees, striped pullovers and chinos in two different fits and colours of navy, rust, khaki, stone, marine and steel.

For more information on M.J. Bale’s Winter collection, go to their lookbook at:

_MG_3263 _MG_3261 _MG_3259 _MG_3258 _MG_3256 _MG_3254 _MG_3253 _MG_3252 _MG_3249



The 2016 Autumn Carnival Launches at Randwick Racecourse

The Australian Turf Club celebrated 150 years of  Australian racing at the launch of the 2016 Autumn Carnival on Tuesday 1 March 2016. The launch honoured Australia’s leading racing heroes, while introducing a diverse group of new ambassadors to the Australian Turf Club family.

Australian actresses, Isabelle Cornish and Grace Huang media personality, Sylvia Jeffreys, Australian model Elyse Knowles and power couple Ronan and Storm Keating were announced as Australian Turf Club ambassadors, alongside Rachel Griffiths, the Longines Golden Slipper Carnival ambassador and L D R U who is set to perform on Schweppes Stakes Day, the last day of the Sydney Autumn Carnival. Leading racing personalities Chris Waller, James & Monica Cummings, Edward Cummings, Gabrielle Englebrecht, Hugh Bowman, Sam Clipperton and Winona Costin joined the celebrations, which finished with a spectacular lunch hosted by Australian Turf Club CEO Darren Pearce and COO Tony Partridge at The Stables, on level four of the Queen Elizabeth II Grandstand.

Friends of the ATC including Myer ambassador Jodi Anasta, Ksenija Lukich, Carissa Walford, Erin Holland, Nerida Winter, Laura Csortan, Tim Mannah and Little Sydney ambassador Matt Moran also joined the celebrations to officially kick off the six week bumper Carnival, which promises an impressive program of world-class racing and social activities.

Talking to the forthcoming Sydney Autumn Carnival, Australian Turf Club CEO, Darren Pearce said:

“This year’s Sydney Autumn Carnival offers Sydney’s racegoers and social set a world-class festival of thoroughbred racing, stunning fashion, entertainment and premium hospitality.

“Over six weeks, the world’s best horses, jockeys and trainers will compete across Sydney’s best racecourses for more than $34 million in prize money across 45 Group races – a $2.4 million increase from last year.”

The 2016 Sydney Autumn Carnival from 12 March – 16 April features two of Australia’s biggest and most respected racing events, the Longines Golden Slipper Carnival and The Championships. The Carnival kicks off with three weeks at Rosehill Gardens including Cellarbrations Ladies Day, 12 March, Longines Golden Slipper Day, 19 March followed by Western Sydney Legends Day, 26 March over the Easter weekend. The Carnival then shifts to Royal Randwick for the third running of The Championships, the Grand Finals of Australian Racing, 2 and 9 April before concluding with Schweppes Stakes Day on 16 April.

Racegoers will witness history with the 60th running of the Group 1 $3.5 million Golden Slipper, the world’s richest race for two year olds, as well as five other Group 1 races, on a day which is arguably one of the most celebrated sporting events of the year. The day will also feature the new ‘Fashion at the Races’ presented by Vogue and GQ Australia, judged by Vogue Australia’s Editor-in-Chief Edwina McCann, as well as the Longines Award for Elegance, NOVA 96.9 Garden Party, pamper lounges and live music, making it a not-to-be-missed event this autumn.

The Championships, the Grand Finals of Australian Racing at Royal Randwick on 2 April and 9 April, in 2016 will offer prize money totalling $20 million – making them the richest two days in Australian Racing. The Championships Day 1 featuring the BMW Australian Derby on Saturday 2 April, set against a backdrop of traditional black and white fashion, will see world-class racing combined with premium hospitality and entertainment. The day features some of Australia’s most iconic races including the $2.5 million Darley TJ Smith Stakes, the $3 million The Star Doncaster Mile and the $2 million BMW Australian Derby. Myer

Fashions on the Field will take centre stage with both men and women’s categories, as well as a host of on course activations including the Clinique pamper lounge and pop up bars by Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Schweppes.

The Championships Day 2 at Royal Randwick on Saturday 9 April features the world’s richest 2000m turf race, the Group 1 Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes worth $4 million, the Group 1 Cellarbrations Queen of the Turf Stakes, the Group 1 Australian Oaks and Group 1 Schweppes Sydney Cup over 3200m, now worth $2 million, a $400,000 increase from previous years. Myer Fashions on the Field will once again attract the fashion elite including the second Longines Award of Elegance for the Sydney Autumn Carnival.

Little Sydney will again entice food lovers and Sydney’s gastronomical social set to Royal Randwick. Bringing back Sydney’s iconic restaurants Icebergs, Chiswick and China Doll this year, Little Sydney promises to be the hottest ticket to the track this Sydney Autumn Carnival. New to racegoers for 2016, Little Bondi will feature as a pop up on the Leger Lawn featuring dishes by Icebergs, The Bucket List and Da Orazio.

The bumper six weeks of Group 1 racing will culminate with a Royal Randwick finale on Schweppes Stakes Day 16 April, including a live performance by Australian artist L D R U for all racegoers to enjoy. For all ticketing, information and hospitality options, including exclusive dining and reserved seating options, visit

Photos by Fiora Sacco

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