Hayman’s Gin Supper Club launches in Sydney

Hayman’s Gin, England’s oldest family owned gin distillery, has teamed up with The Lord Dudley Hotel, a family run English pub in Sydney, to launch the Hayman’s Gin Supper Club, a gin and food pairing collaboration on Tuesday 12 September 2017.

Hayman’s Gin Supper Club is a meal and drink promotion consisting of an entrée and cocktail for $25, a main and cocktail for $40 or one entrée, one main and two cocktails for $60.

The launch night commenced with a chauffeur driven ride to the event by London Taxi, the iconic purpose-built London cabs that have been imported to Sydney.

Once all the guests arrived, they were seated for a gin tasting masterclass that was lead by the James Hayman, a fifth-generation member of the oldest Gin producing family in England, Hayman’s Gin.

Hayman’s Gin is made using original family techniques and processes that have been handed down through the generations. It has a blend of ten botanicals (juniper, orris root, angelica root, liquorice, orange peel, cassia bark, cinnamon, coriander, lemon peel and nutmeg) that are combined in different quantities. The gin was first made in 1863 by James Hayman’s great-great grandfather, who was a pharmacist during the original gin boom.

The full range of Hayman’s gin were on display, and I must confess that I tasted all of them! Hayman’s Old Tom Gin (RRP $64.99) is very rich with botanicals and partnered perfectly with tonic water. With a subtle sweetness, it was true to the original style of Victorian era gin. Hayman’s London Dry Gin (RRP $54.99) is an award-winning classic English gin. It pairs perfectly with tonic water, as well as in your favourite gin cocktail, such as a French 75. Hayman’s Family Reserve (RRP $99.99) is their top of the range gin. It is smooth, rounded and well-balanced, with the dominant botanicals of juniper and coriander. It is great for both classic and modern gin cocktails including a Martini. The Royal Dock Gin (RRP$89.99) is the strongest of the range with 57 percent alcohol, and as the name suggests was originally developed for seafarers. The high alcohol content ensured that that it did not render gunpowder useless, in the highly likely event of spillage! Despite the high alcohol content, it is not overpowering and still smooth. This navy strength gin is perfect for use in the gimlet cocktail. My personal, absolute favourite was the Sloe Gin (RRP $59.99). It had intense plum aromas, and was deliciously fruity and spicy. Try it with a wedge of lime or some sparkling wine. I was not surprised to be told that this was Australia’s best selling Sloe Gin.

After the tasting, we were escorted downstairs to the basement, to the Lord Dudley’s newly refurbished Garden restaurant. It was there that we were seated and got to try the menu and cocktails of the Hayman’s Gin Supper Club. The starters included Cured Salmon with crème fraiche and toasted brioche, which was paired with Hayman’s French 75 cocktail, and the Pork and Veal Country Terrine which was paired with Hayman’s Negroni cocktail. The mains included the Panfried Sand Whiting which was paired with Hayman’s Mediterranean Spritz, and the Mirrool Creek Lamb Rump which was paired with Hayman’s Sloe and Lemon Tonic cocktail. We were also served sides of creamy mash, steamed greens and shoestring fries, and a cheese platter dessert, which are not part of the Hayman’s Gin Supper Club meal deal, and are available at an additional cost.

Hayman’s Gin Supper Club will be running from 1 to 30 October 2017 at the Garden Restaurant of the Lord Dudley Hotel (236 Jersey Road Woollahra).

To make a booking, call 02 9327 5399 or visit www.lorddudley.com.au

Hayman’s Gins are available for purchase from Dan Murphys (www.danmurphys.com.au) and independent bottle shops.

For more information about Hayman’s Gin, go to: www.haymansgin.com