BBC TV series Taboo launches in Australia

An advanced screening of episode one of Taboo was shown on Wednesday 12 July 2017 at Restaurant Huberts ahead of the official release in Australia on 17 July 2017 on BBC First on Foxtel.

A select group of guests were sent a top hat and an invitation to a venue “where a combustible tale of murder, betrayal and treachery will unfold”. The venue was a dimly lit forty seat cinema in Restaurant Hubert. It contained a long table in the middle with charcuterie boards, cheeses, candelabrums, top hats, roses, and newspaper clippings about Taboo.. Guests were served brandy cocktails and wine before they were seated to watch the first episode of the period drama.

Taboo is a fascinating story set 1814 about adventurer James Keziah Delaney (starring Tom Hardy) who was believed to be dead but returns to London from Africa to inherit his father’s shipping empire. Delaney discovers his father was murdered (by poisoning) and is intent on vengeance. He is eager to claim his inheritance but others are determined to take it away from him. He is willing to be just as ruthless to hold on to it and build his own shipping empire that will be greater than the East India Company.

Taboo is the first major TV drama that Tom Hardy has overseen himself. He came up with the idea for Taboo with his dad, Edward ‘Chips’ Hardy and got movie veteran Sir Ridley Scott to direct it.

In addition to Tom Hardy, other members of the cast include: Oona Chaplin (who plays his half-sister and is the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin); Jonathan Pryce (Games of Thrones); Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire); Michael Kelly (House of Cards); Jessie Buckley (War and Peace); Tom Hollander (The Night Manager); Jason Watkins (W1A); Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity); Jefferson Hall (Vikings); and Mark Gatiss (Sherlock).

Taboo will premiere in Australia on BBC First on Monday 17 July 2017.

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