Pepsi Max celebrates the release of its new vanilla flavour by hosting the ultimate culinary journey at The Vanilla Kitchen

Pepsi Max celebrated the release of their new flavour, Pepsi Max Vanilla, with a three-day pop-up restaurant at The Vanilla Kitchen at the Old Rum Store at Chippendale from 22-24 June 2017.

For just $30, guests got to experience a unique three course meal with a digestif and cocktails prepared by Sydney’s best food and mixology talent: Mitch Orr (from ACME), Jimmy Hulston (from Guilty and Easey’s), Andy Bowdy (from Saga) and Andres Walters (from The Lobo Plantation and Kittyhawk).

Pepsi Max Vanilla was cleverly incorporated in all the food and cocktails served at The Vanilla Kitchen. The entree, prepared by Jimmy Hurlston, was The Burgerlord, a miniature cheese burger with smoked cola nut barbecue sauce and vanilla cured bacon, served with a miniature side of mac and cheese topped with a vanilla bacon crumble. The main, prepared by Mitch Orr, was the Pepsi Max Vanilla braised whole pig’s head with rice, XO sauce, fresh scallions and nori. The dessert, prepared by Andy Bowdy, was A Little Splice of Heaven made with caramelised pineapple, whipped vanilla cream, Pepsi Max Vanilla spiced gel, lime meringue shards, lime curd, vanilla buttermilk sorbet and pineapple crisps. The digestif, prepared by Andres Walters, was the Breakfast Cuba Libre, made from carbonated white rum, Pepsi Max Vanilla and citrus acid jellies, served with a small toothbrush with lime and mint paste and candied limes at the end.

The cocktails served at The Vanilla Kitchen consisted of: Brad’s cocktail (which was the welcome aperitif) made with white rum, blanco vermouth, grape, kiwi and lemon thyme syrup, lemon juice and the Grogram cocktail (which was the palate cleanser between the entree and main meal) made with spiced rum, lemon, sugar syrup, and a Pepsi Max Vanilla and stout reduction. These cocktails were also prepared by Andres Walters.

Thanks to Pepsi Max Vanilla and the team at The Vanilla Kitchen for the most unconventional and delicious cuisine.

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