Chef Matteo Zamboni cooks up a storm for The Chef’s Series Masterclass at Casa Barilla

Chef Matteo Zamboni from Zambo Restaurant was invited to demonstrate his most popular dishes at The Chef’s Series Masterclass at Casa Barilla on Monday 19 May 2017.
Casa Barilla runs a range of cooking classes at their premises at 4 Annandale Street Annandale. For the Chef’s Series Master Classes, Barilla invites a chef from a popular Italian restaurant to demonstrate his best dishes. Participants watch from their table; consuming each dish prepared by the chef throughout the class. All classes include Prosecco and antipasto on arrival, all food, a glass of wine (or two) with your meal, and gelato for dessert. PLUS everyone gets a generous goodie bag with Barilla pastas, sauces and desserts to take home (pictured below).
For the Chef’s Series Masterclass featuring Matteo Zamboni, he prepared: the Casarecce, WA Yabbies, capsicum and hazelnut entree and the delicious wild caught barramundi, Colatura butter, chicory and sundried tomato main meal.

For the Casarecce, WA Yabbies, capsicum and hazelnut entree, he started with putting the yabbies in ice for one hour and then blanched them in boiling water for 90 seconds. He strained them and put them back in the ice to stop the cooking process.  He peeled and diced them and reserved the shells for the stock. For the stock. he cooked the garlic, chopped tomatoes, added the shells and parsley stalks. When the shells were roasted, he added brandy and let it flame. He then added enough water to cover the yabbies and let them boil for 30 minutes. After the stock rested for 30 minutes, he strained it. He then cooked the diced capsicum and added the yabbie stock to bring it to a boil. He cooked the Barilla Casarecce in salty boiling water, then strained and tossed in the yabbies stock. He served it in a bowl with sliced hazelnuts, parsley and lemon zest.

For the wild caught barramundi, colatura butter, chicory and sundried tomatoes main meal, he removed the barramundi from the fridge 45 minutes before cooking and cut it in 150 gram pieces. He boiled the fish stock and added diced butter to create an emulsion. He then added Colatura, lemon juice and salt. He cut the chicory and cooked it in a pan over medium heat with a clove of garlic. He added 50g of the stock and let it evaporate, and seasoned it with salt and vinegar. Then he cooked the barramundi. He placed the chicory, barramundi, and colatura butter on the serving dish, and garnished it with fresh oregano, sundried tomatoes, and Barilla sundried tomato pesto.

Casa Barilla run the best value cooking classes in Sydney and their food is delicious. Their hands-on cooking classes are $90 and their Chef’s Series Masterclasses are $60. This is the price of a restaurant meal but you get so much more.

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