The Eau de Vie Appreciation Society launches with their first spirit tasting event for 2017

The Eau de Vie Appreciation Society held their first spirit tasting event for 2017 – Whiskey from the land of the rising sun with Japanese whiskey – at Eau de Vie Darlinghurst on Wednesday 22 February 2017.

Speakeasy Group’s Head of Whiskey, Geoff Fewell, lead a group of media on an educational journey on Japanese whiskey. Japanese Whiskey was first produced around 1870 and consumed domestically. It was not until 2001, when the Nikka 10 year old Yoichi single malt won ‘Best of the Best’ at Whiskey Magazine’s award that the international world first heard of Japanese whiskey. Since then, Japanese whiskey has won many award and on a number of occasions Japanese single malts (particular those of Nikka’s Yoichi and Suntory’s Yamazaki) have scored higher than their Scottish counterparts in blind tastings.

The bulk of Japanese blended whiskey is consumed in cocktails, the most common being the Highball. Fine Japanese whiskey is drunk neat or on the rocks, as with Scottish whiskey.  In Japan, Japanese whiskey is mixed with hot water in winter and cold water in summer, as is done with shochu.

Due to the high quality of Japanese whiskey, demand has risen to outstrip supply and prices have risen. One of the bottles tasted on the night cost $800. Distilleries in Japan are not aging their whiskey’s for as long, in an attempt to increase supply.

The whiskey’s that were tasted were:

  • Ichiro’s Malt (Malt and grain) ($200)
  • Yamazaki 12 year old ($180)
  • Shinsu Mars (Owai Tradition Wine Cask) ($100)
  • Nikka (from the barrel) ($80)
  • White Oak Akashi ($150)
  • Yoichi 15 year old ($800)

The Eau de Vie Appreciation Society began five years ago. The spirit tasting events run once a month and the following events are planned for 2017:

  • February – Whiskey from the land of the rising sun with Japanese whiskey
  • March – Love thy peat monster with peated whiskies
  • April – King of cocktails: A tale of the Martini
  • May – Around the world in eight cocktails
  • June – Ride the green fairy: Absinthe debunked
  • July – Chocolate and whiskey: A match made in heaven
  • August – A taste of Australian whiskey
  • September – Drink like a pirate: The Eau-de-Vie way
  • October – Disco drinks re-imagined: The Eau-de-Vie way
  • November – Champagne, caviar and cheese: A la Francaise

For more information about future events, go to: