Wuliangye hosts VIPs for a opulent night of food, drinks and entertainment at their Annual Sydney Gala

Wuliangye kicked off their ‘World Shine Journey’ cultural tour with the Wuliangye Annual Sydney Gala on Friday 25 November 2016 at The Star Event Centre.

Wuliangye is China’s top selling white spirit. It has won numerous awards worldwide including the 100 year anniversary gold prize at the 2015 Milan World Expo. It is brewed in China’s wine capital, Yibin, which has a warm and wet climate, and rich soil. Wuliangye dates back thousands of years but only got its name in 1909 when noted scholar Yang Huiquan called it Wuliangye.

Wuliangye literally means five grains liquid and is made from sorghum, glutinous rice, long-grain rice, wheat and corn. With an alcohol content of 52 percent, it is pungent on the nose and burns in the throat. It has various flavours and fragrances. On the palate, it is fruity and the finish is dry.

The event was attended by Chinese dignitaries, Australian politicians, Australian corporate executives, celebrities, media and other VIPs, who enjoyed cocktails and canapes on arrival, a three course meal and variety of entertainment throughout the night.

The event commenced with Wuliangye cocktails in the foyer of The Star Event Centre. The cocktails were a Wuliangye version of a watermelon daiquiri and lychee martini.

Inside the ballroom, guests enjoyed a three course dinner that was designed to compliment the flavours of Wuliangye. For entree, guests were provided an alternate serve of: cured Atlantic salmon with mango puree, lime and coriander emulsion and pickled cucumber; or grilled king prawns with Sze Chuan Chilli gel, compressed watermelon and lemon curd.

For the main course, guests had an alternate serve of: steam gold band snapper fillet with steamed bok choy, gingery lemon soy sauce and lotus crisps; or Range Valley wagyu beef tenderloin with braised white radish, Kai Lan and roast garlic soy sauce.

For dessert guests were served either: a date and ginger pudding with coconut poppy seed ice-cream and cinnamon toffee analgise; or lychee and matcha cream.with mandarin, mint sorbet, and cashew nut crackers.

There were a number of speeches made by Chinese dignitaries, Australian politicians and the Chairman of the Wuliangye Group Company, Tang Qiao, who made the keynote speech. The Australian television and radio presenter, Scott Tweedie, was the MC for the night.

The entertainment included violinists, dancers, drummers, martial arts performers, and Chinese opera. There were also videos shown of China and the Yibin region in which the liquor is brewed.

The centre of the room was decorated with a giant ice sculpture of the Wuliangye bottle made by Mammouth Ice and the table centrepieces were ice pedestals with Wuliangye bottles on top.

For beverages, guests drunk: NV Domaine Chandon Brut; North of South Sauvignon Blanc; Leo Buring ‘Leopold’ Riesling; Beautiful Somewhere Shiraz; and Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Sauvignon.

Most importantly, guests had Wuliangye at their table to drink throughout the night.

Wuliangye is a luxury liquor that is drunk neat or with a meal.

Wuliangye is sold for around $200 at Dan Murphy’s and other alcohol retailers.

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