Hotel Ravesis relaunches just in time for summer

Hotel Ravesis celebrated the relaunch of their hotel with a party on Thursday 10 November 2016.

Ravesis is located opposite Bondi beach and has unbeatable views of the beach and sidewalk. The hotel was built over a hundred years ago by two Italian immigrants called the Ravesis brothers. They sold the building about 25 years ago to its current owners who refurbished it and turned it into a Bondi institution. The venue has been refurbished again just in time for summer. Inspired by the beachside playgrounds of Miami and Cuba, the hotel has resurrected its former art deco glory.  The interiors have been replaced with a lighter colour palatte of citruses and pale pinks.

Ex-Catalina chef Peter Streckfuss has been hired as head chef and will be serving Mediterranean inspired dishes. The cocktails will mostly be the classics with a twist, and the hotel has entered into a partnership with Pommery to supply the champagne.

The party was attended by mostly Bondi locals who came to see the new look of Bondi’s most iconic boutique hotel while enjoying cocktails, canapes and live entertainment.

The cocktails of the night were: Sgroppino made from Messina lemon sorbet, Ketel One Citron and prosecco and Passionfruit Collins made from Tanqueray gin, passionfruit juice and mint garnish.

Guests were also offered: Heineken; Heineken 3; Tyrells Moores Creek Semillon Sauvignon Blanc; Ravesis Pinor Noir; Brut de Villeroy French Champagne; Brut De Villeroy French Sparkling and Pommery Champagne.

The canapes served were: goats cheese tart; prawn sliders; tuna sliders; mushroom polenta; and rare roast beef croutons.

Hotel Ravesis is perfect for those lazy afternoon drinks in the downstairs bar or a glam night of eating and dancing upstairs on their terrace. It also has 12 boutique hotel rooms to stay at.

Hotel Ravesis is located at 118 Campbell Parade Bondi beach NSW 2026.

For more information about Ravesis, go to:
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Hendrick’s Gin grows an unusually Australian cucumber for its cocktails

Hendrick’s Gin held an elegant soiree to celebrate the first unusually Australian cucumber at Elizabeth Bay House on Thursday 9 November 2016.

Hendrick’s is an unusual gin that is oddly infused with roses and cucumbers. Now Hendrick’s Gin have developed the most distinctive cucumber in history and invited guests to a party to sample it. The cucumber is grown at Sydney University’s research facility in Camden. The aim was to grow a genetically modified cucumber with superior taste, natural resistance to fungi and better suited to gin and tonics. After a social media campaign where fans were asked to vote on Australia’s most iconic ingredients to grow cucumbers, emu poop, yabby shells and Simpson Desert soil were the chosen winners.

Guest were served Hendrick’s gin mixological libations and unusual cucumber-inspired gastronomic delights. The drinks that were served included: Hendrick’s Gin and tonic; Home Amongst the Gums cocktail made from Hendrick’s Gin, lime juice, cucumber juice, eucalyptus syrup, soda water and eucalyptus leaves; Dawes cocktail made from Hendrick’s Gin, lemon myrtle cordial, cucumber juice, lime juice, pepper and sparkling wine; Three Sisters cocktail made from Hendrick’s Gin, strawberry gum, blueberry syrup, cucumber juice, lime juice, and blueberries. All drinks were garnished with cucumber.

The event was quirky, just like Hendrick’s. It included tea leaf readers and cucumber hand massages.

For more information about Hendrick’s Gin, go to:

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