Delicious Magazine celebrates turning 15 with a big birthday bash hosted by Matt Preston

Delicious Magazine celebrated their 15th birthday by throwing a big birthday bash at Pier One Sydney Harbour Hotel on Friday 7 October 2016.

The public were invited to attend for the price of $70 (plus a booking fee) and for that price they got oysters, a selection of cheeses and smoked meats, lobster rolls, margarita and chorizo pizza, smoked beef brisket tortillas, unlimited drinks (from 4 Pines beer, Zotto wines, Singleton malt whisky old fashioned, Pimms cocktails, and Tanqueray gin and tonic) and a choice of six flavours of Gelato Messina ice-cream while enjoying beautiful views of Sydney Harbour.

Masterchef’s Australia and senior editor of Delicious Magazine, Matt Preston, hosted the event together with editor-in-chief Kerrie McCallum. The pair made speeches and mingled amongst employees and subscribers of the Magazine. Celebrity chef from MKR, Colin Fassnidge, was also present to enjoy the celebrations.

No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake and this birthday had a 15 layer birthday made by none other than the master patissier, Adriano Zumbo.

Apart from celebrating their birthday, Delicious Magazine was celebrating the launch of their new cookbook, At Our Table, with signed copies being available for purchase on the night.

The event also launched the Kerrigan Food Truck which will now open daily at the Pier One Sydney Harbour Hotel from 11:30am to 9pm daily.

The Kerrigan has an interesting menu including: The Kerrigan Burger ($12) made from a single beef patty, cheese croquette, lettuce, tomato, house made pickles and Kerrigan sauce; The Double Smoke Stack Burger ($16) made with a double beef patty stacked with bacon, double cheese, house made pickles and Kerrigan sauce; Smoked Pork Rack (half for $24 and full for $39) with house made BBQ sauce plus 2 sides; Smoked Lamb Rack (half for $19 and full for $34) with house made BBQ sauce plus 2 sides; Smoked Beef Brisket ($15) with lettuce, lime, salsa and coriander in a soft tortilla (3 per serve); Black Forest Smoked Sausage ($12) served on a roll with sauerkraut, cucumber and green chili pickle; Charred King Prawns (3 per serve for $15) with chorizo and black garlic mayo; Chicken Wings (5 per serve for $14); and a number of sides such as chips, vegetables and salads.

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