Brown Brothers Winery and Mimco launch the perfect accessory for the party season

Brown Brothers Winery and Mimco launched the perfect accessory for the party season, Brown Brothers prosecco and Brown Brothers prosecco rose in limited edition bottles, at a brunch at Vine at Double Bay on Wednesday 5 October 2016.

The two limited edition bottles feature the signature Mimco ‘supernatural’ motif. The limited edition Brown Brothers prosecco bottle has a matte black and white polka dot design while the limited edition Brown Brothers prosecco rose bottle has a shiny rose gold design.

The event was hosted by Brown Brothers public relations manager and fourth generation Brown Brothers family member, Caroline Brown, who flew up from Victoria for the event. She spoke about her family business and about the brand’s desire to partner with a leading fashion brand. She also spoke about prosecco’s rising popularity. It is more accessible (and cheaper) than champagne and can be drunk at any time of the day.

The event was attended by model and Vogue creative director, Tanja Gacic, who is also the face of the campaign. She spoke about her love of prosecco and how it is the ultimate acccessory for the party season.

Guests enjoyed a brunch consisting of: a charcuterie board; seasonal fruits and berries; vienoisserie (pastries); beetroot salad with fromage blanc and radish; corn fritters with avocado salad; baked eggs with tallegio, mushroom and smoked spec; smoked salmon and white zucchini frittata with hollandaise sauce; assiette mignardise; and a dessert board.

The limited edition Borwn Brothers prosecco and prosecco rose are available  to purchase from leading liquor retailers nationally and

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