Turn the party up with a new app by Ultimate Ears

A new app that allows you to connect up to 50 wireless Ultimate Ears speakers together was launched at Carriageworks in Eveleigh on Wednesday 5 October 2016.

Three years ago, Ultimate Ears launched their first portable wireless bluetooth speaker that provided 360 degree sound and was water resistant. Then in January 2015, Ultimate Ears released the larger UE Megaboom which had bigger sound, better waterproofing and extended battery life. Later in September 2015, Ultimate Ears released UE Boom 2 which featured IPX7 waterproofing, 25 percent more volume and a greater wireless range. These speakers also had free apps that you could connect two or more speakers together to create even louder sound.

Now, with the addition of the PartyUp app, you can wirelessly connect a mix of UE BOOM, UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM speakers together, allowing you to crank up the music in places where no other sound system can go.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the app, more than 50 UE Booms hung from the ceiling of Carriageworks and were played simultaneously at the event. Other entertainment included The Twins DJs djing, robots who walked around on stilts, and a woman performed with fire and a power tool to create sparks.

The event was attended by members the tech media world and influencers such as the selfie king Kurt Coleman, Meg and Dom from Citizens of the World, former MTV VJ Kristian Schmidt, half of the Cronulla Sharks football team, and fashion stylist Joshua Heath.

PartyUp is available through the iOS® and Android™ app stores beginning today. This free app enhancement works with UE BOOM, UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM through the UE BOOM and UE MEGABOOM apps. Speakers are sold separately. For more information, please visit http://www.ultimateears.com/en-au.

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Brown Brothers Winery and Mimco launch the perfect accessory for the party season

Brown Brothers Winery and Mimco launched the perfect accessory for the party season, Brown Brothers prosecco and Brown Brothers prosecco rose in limited edition bottles, at a brunch at Vine at Double Bay on Wednesday 5 October 2016.

The two limited edition bottles feature the signature Mimco ‘supernatural’ motif. The limited edition Brown Brothers prosecco bottle has a matte black and white polka dot design while the limited edition Brown Brothers prosecco rose bottle has a shiny rose gold design.

The event was hosted by Brown Brothers public relations manager and fourth generation Brown Brothers family member, Caroline Brown, who flew up from Victoria for the event. She spoke about her family business and about the brand’s desire to partner with a leading fashion brand. She also spoke about prosecco’s rising popularity. It is more accessible (and cheaper) than champagne and can be drunk at any time of the day.

The event was attended by model and Vogue creative director, Tanja Gacic, who is also the face of the campaign. She spoke about her love of prosecco and how it is the ultimate acccessory for the party season.

Guests enjoyed a brunch consisting of: a charcuterie board; seasonal fruits and berries; vienoisserie (pastries); beetroot salad with fromage blanc and radish; corn fritters with avocado salad; baked eggs with tallegio, mushroom and smoked spec; smoked salmon and white zucchini frittata with hollandaise sauce; assiette mignardise; and a dessert board.

The limited edition Borwn Brothers prosecco and prosecco rose are available  to purchase from leading liquor retailers nationally and brownbrothers.com.au.

For more information about Brown Borthers, go to: brownbrothers.com.au

For more information about Mimco, go to: www.mimco.com.au

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