WiWander launches new pocket Wi-Fi router for Australian travellers

WiWander launched their new pocket Wi-Fi router at a launch party at Carriageworks on Thursday 22 September 2016.

WiWander provides pocket Wi-Fi router rental with unlimited data to Australian travellers for multiple destinations around the world starting from five dollars a day. WiWander pocket Wi-Fi routers ensure excellent internet connection wherever you are.

Unlike other services that charge customers for the amount of data used, WiWander charges based on the number of days the customer travels. This makes it easier for Australians to know exactly how much they are spending on Wi-Fi before they leave Australia and eliminates the high data-roaming charges.

To use the product on your next trip, make sure you book at least five working days prior to your departure date. The device will be delivered to your door one day before you leave. When you return, they will pick it up the day after you land.

The WiWander pocket Wi-Fi router includes features such as a sleek, light weight and portable design, simultaneous multiple device connectivity and battery life of about six hours.

The WiWander pocket Wi-Fi router is currently available in Singapore from $10/day, Taiwan $12/day, Hong Kong $$12/day, Japan $12/day, China $12/day, South Korea $12/day, USA $18/day, Malaysia $12/day, Thailand $12/day and some countries in Europe $12/day.

At the launch guests enjoyed a variety of canapes from around the world and took photos in the photobooth or in front of large posters depicting New York, Thailand and Rome.

Special guests included: the X Factor’s Matt Price and Jess Dunbar; TV and radio personality Tim Dormer; TV presenter and DJ Danny Clayton; Channel Ten Entertainment Reporter Richard Reid; The Wolverine and The Great Gatsby actor Briden Starr; TV actor Troy Pes; American singer Kyle Bielfield, and singer and songwriter Brock Jays.

Use the special code WIWANDER to get a 10 percent discount on your device when you next travel.

For more information about WiWander, go to: https://www.wiwander.com

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