Sydney’s first men’s fashion seminar leads men onto the Dapper path

The men of Sydney gathered to be guided onto the dapper path at the Hotel CBD on Saturday 16 July 2016.

The Dappertude is Sydney’s first men’s fashion seminar that educates men about the three most important attributes of dressing: suiting; grooming; and accessorising. There were three main presentations and a panel of influences that discussed their own experiences of dressing well and being dapper. The panel influencers included: Shaun Birley, The Filtered Fit, Steve Tilly Style and Sam Wines.

For suiting, the two men from Institchu, Timothy Aquino and Mayowa Adeniyi, advised men that they require two suits for work, a navy and charcoal suit, that they should rotate. Men should never wear a black suit unless it is black tie event.

The biggest mistake men make with suits is that they dry clean them too often. A suit should be dry cleaned two to three times a year. If a man wishes to air their suit, they should hang it in the bathroom while showering.

The fit of a suit is important. It should give the illusion of the ideal body shape. There should be ample room to move around. The tailor should add 3cm to the chest measurement, 4cm to the stomach measurement and 3cm to the hip measurement. The sleeve of the jacket should reach the wristline. The jacket should cover the crotch and the bottom of the back pocket. The length of the trousers should be one inch off the ground with shoes on and have a single break when touching the top of the shoe.

The overall advice Institchu provided to men is that they should stick to their own personal style because when they dress in their own style they wear it with more confidence.

For grooming, founder of Gentsac, Shira O’Sullivan, shared her knowledge and tips of essential grooming, which is often neglected by men. The overall advice she offered men is that they should cleanse and moisturise daily, and exfoliate once a week. The products used vary from person to person and should suit a man’s skin type. There is no one best product.

For accessorising, founder of The Dappertude Johnny Li presented his essential advice which includes that the:

  • tie pin should be in the chest area and not low in the stomach area
  • pocket square should never match the tie
  • pocket square should compliment the suit
  • length of the tie should not be longer than the buckle of the belt.

Overall, he advised men not to leave the house without a pocket square. A pocket square changes a whole outfit and differentiates one man from the other. There are many ways to fold a pocket square but he recommended the three most common (the triangle fold, the puff fold and the reverse puff). The triangle fold is more appropriate for corporate wear.

So what happens when a lady starts crying? Should a man offer her his pocket square to use as a hanky? The answer is no. The pocket square is for show and belongs in the jacket breast pocket. Men should carry a handkerchief in their back or front pocket or in their jacket’s inside pocket and offer to a lady when required.

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