Discover the timeless beauty of photography at the Rocks Discovery Museum

On Tuesday 17 May 2016 I attended the launch of the photography, Timeless, at The Rocks Discovery Museum.

Timeless is a photographic exhibition that is part of the Headon Festival. It is the work of a Sydney-based photographer, filmmaker and doctor Nelson Lau.

Timeless is a story of star-crossed lovers from parallel worlds who try to transcend the fabric of time. Inspired by the architecture of The Rocks and the films of Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai, Timeless uses The Rocks as a cinematic backdrop to this love story.

Timeless, a fictional photo narrative in which the images look like scenes from a film. The photos invite the viewer to interpret the images to imagine the story behind these ‘scenes’.

The majority of the images have been taken around The Rocks, with other featured locations including Town Hall, Museum Station and Camperdown Cemetery. It is a multi-faceted exhibition using photographs, words and a digital display of cinemagraphs.

The exhibition Timeless will be on view from 14 May to 3 July 2016 from 10am5pm at The Rocks Discovery Museum, Kendall Lane (enter via Argyle Street), The Rocks.
Admission is free.
For more information, go to:
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