‘Out of Africa’ exhibition launches at the SPACE Gallery

THE SPACE gallery launched its second exhibition, ‘Out of Africa’, on Wednesday 11 May 2016 with an opening night reception..

This exhibition features six artists: Marine Coutroutios, Richard Dobbie, Jody Graham, Yvonne Levenston, Eva Massaï, and Kevin Venardo. From massive sculptural jewelry, intricate paper cutouts, and savannah photography to lively charcoal drawings and vibrant paintings, these artists effectively capture the African spirit and use it to bring their work to life. Bold colours and expressive lines are defining features of all the displayed works.

Most of the work is quite large, which adds a powerful element of immersion as the artwork fills the viewer’s field of vision. Each artist takes such a unique perspective that the exhibit truly feels like a joyful tribute to the rich history and vast cultures of Africa.

The opening night is sponsored by UOS, Monkey Shoulder, and Craig’s Kitchen.

‘Out of AFRICA’ will run through May 27, 2016.

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 9-5.

The SPACE Gallery is located at Level 9, 55 Hunter Street Sydney NSW 2000