Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week is launched in Sydney

The inaugural Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week kicked off on 11 May 2016 at legendary Sydney bar, Earl’s Juke Joint.

Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week will be celebrated at leading bars across Sydney and coincides with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

In 1953, Maker’s Mark founder, Bill Samuels, Sr. had a revolutionary idea to create a bourbon that even people who didn’t think they liked bourbon would enjoy. Inspired by his family’s Scottish history, he created a bourbon referred to as ‘whisky’, not ‘whiskey. Unchanged since its inception, Maker’s Mark is handcrafted from start to finish at the historic distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. With a recipe that replaced the standard rye with red winter wheat as the flavour grain, for a softer, front of tongue finish. Maker’s Mark is then aged to taste, ensuring a consistency and quality. After the bottles are filled, each is hand-dipped into the signature red wax leaving no two bottles the same.

The Old Fashioned is often cited as the “original” cocktail. The Old Fashioned is said to have been developed in the 19th century and given its name in 1880 at a gentlemen’s club in Louisville, Kentucky.

In celebration of the perfect Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned, Andrew Simon, Sydney-based designer, artist and creative director, was commissioned to create the perfect tumbler glass for the Old Fashioned cocktail. The glass is designed to be able to cradle in your hand, with a thick base to assist in the muddling of ingredients. Straight sides allow for easy mixing and the raised base allows for the sugar to be dissolved easily in the bitters. With a smaller circumference at the top than base and slight taper in shape, it allows you to swirl and amplify the caramel and vanilla aromas. The perfect Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned glass will be featured at select bars around Sydney during Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week.

Guests enjoyed free flowing Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned cocktails (not to mention a range of other tasty beverages on offer), delicious food from the team at The Bach Eatery, plenty of jazz music on the dance floor, burgers from the nighthawk diner food truck and a specially made Old Fashioned Tart from the heroes at Black Star Pastry.

Guests could choose from a drink menu of six cocktails including: Canadian Club and Dry (Canadian Club, dry ginger ale and a wedge of lime); Whiskey Apple (Jim Beam White, topped with fresh apple juice and a slice of lemon); Clermont Whiskey Sour); Clermont Whiskey Sour (Jim Beam White, orange juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup and a dash of egg white that is optional); Maker’s 46 neat on the rocks; Mr Maker’s (Maker’s Mark, Ginger Beer, Australian Bitters, fresh orange and mint) and Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned (Earl’s signature Old Fashioned with Australian Bitters).

Makers Mark Old Fashioned Week runs from 12-20 May 2016 at the following 12 bars:
-The Commons – 32 Burton Street Darlinghurst
-Earl’s Juke Joint – 407 King Street Newtown
-Papa Gede’s – 348 Kent Street Sydney
-Rambling Rascal Tavern – 60 Park Street Sydney
-Riley Street Garage – 55 Riley Street Woolloomooloo
-The Roosevelt – 32 Orwell Street Potts Point
-Shirt Bar – 7 Sussex Lane Sydney
-Soda Factory – 16 Wentworth Avenue Surry Hills
-Stitch Bar – 61 York Street Sydney
-The Village Inn – 9-11 Gelnmore Road Paddington
-The Whisky Room at The Clock Hotel 470 Crown Street Surry Hills
-The Wild Rover – 75 Campbell Street Surry Hills

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‘Out of Africa’ exhibition launches at the SPACE Gallery

THE SPACE gallery launched its second exhibition, ‘Out of Africa’, on Wednesday 11 May 2016 with an opening night reception..

This exhibition features six artists: Marine Coutroutios, Richard Dobbie, Jody Graham, Yvonne Levenston, Eva Massaï, and Kevin Venardo. From massive sculptural jewelry, intricate paper cutouts, and savannah photography to lively charcoal drawings and vibrant paintings, these artists effectively capture the African spirit and use it to bring their work to life. Bold colours and expressive lines are defining features of all the displayed works.

Most of the work is quite large, which adds a powerful element of immersion as the artwork fills the viewer’s field of vision. Each artist takes such a unique perspective that the exhibit truly feels like a joyful tribute to the rich history and vast cultures of Africa.

The opening night is sponsored by UOS, Monkey Shoulder, and Craig’s Kitchen.

‘Out of AFRICA’ will run through May 27, 2016.

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 9-5.

The SPACE Gallery is located at Level 9, 55 Hunter Street Sydney NSW 2000