The best of Italian food (pizza, pasta and gelato) come to Summer Hill

The winning combination of pizza (both the regular pizza base and the charcoal pizza base), pasta and award winning gelato can be found at Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant at 25 Lackey Street Summer Hill.

On Saturday 30 April 2016, I traveled to Summer Hill to see what all the fuss was about.

For the entree, I had the Scamorza Affumicasta, smoked mozzarella cheese wrapped in pancetta drizzled with balsamic vinegar cream ($9). The beautiful creamy mozzarella was paired well with to the salty pancetta.

The charcoal pizza I tried was the Norma pizza made with a Fior-di latte cheese, deep fried eggplant, shaved salted ricotta and fresh basil ($19). It is also available with a regular pizza base, which is just as tasty.

Charcoal pizza has digestion and health properties. It is made from Petra flour. It contains whole grain, so it’s higher in protein and fibre but lower in carbs. It is also easier for gluten intolerant people to digest. It’s very light so you don’t feel bloated.

The second pizza I tried had a regular pizza base and it was the capricciosa pizza. It was made with Fior-di latte cheese, San Daniele prosciutto, champignon mushrooms, artichokes, black olives and boiled egg ($24). A ‘supreme’ type of pizza with a great combination of flavours. The pizza base is made with Italy’s best flour called Petra flour, which makes the pizza light and crispy. The prosciutto was plentiful and the mozzarella was light and creamy. The slight bitterness of the black olives and artichokes complimented the mushrooms and boiled egg well.

Whether you try the regular pizza base or the charcoal pizza base, both are delicious, light and indisquishable in taste. There is a choice of three pizzas with a charcoal pizza base that can also be ordered with a regular pizza base.

For dessert, you can’t leave without trying their award winning gelato made with lemon zest with figs and dark chocolate at Gelatony which is at the back of Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant. It won a judges special mention at the Asia Pacific finals (20-22 March 2015) of the World Gelato Tour. Another highly recommended ice-cream is the croccantino made from roasted almonds, whisky and rum.

Regardless of what you order, the food is amazing, the service is very hospitable and atmosphere is relaxing.

For more information, go to:

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A world of luxe cruising launches in Sydney Harbour

After sailing over 10,000 nautical miles to reach its final destination, the stunning Seadeck launches in Sydney on Friday 29 April 2016.

Seadeck is not just a vessel, it’s an unforgettable experience. Its unique and elegant custom design will transport you back in time to the 1920s and 1940s when luxury cruising was at its peak and boat design was considered an art form. Measuring 42 meters, this hand crafted European vessel has three vast decks from which to take in the 360 degree views of stunning Sydney Harbour. Each deck features luxurious lounge seating and bespoke furniture sourced from high-end suppliers all over the world with quality finishes throughout.

The launch event featured guests such as actor Nic Westaway, MTV’s Krit, Zilda Williams, Jay Lyons, Hugo from Flight Facilities DJing, DJ Sarsha Simone and more.

Guests were served Ciroc cocktails, Santa VIttoria water and food by the boats Executive Chef Drew Bolton (from Vine in Double Bay) while enjoying the spectacular boat which was designed by creative designer Alex Zabotto-Bentley.

Over the coming months, Seadeck will be used for private events and parties with plans to open it up to the public in Spring.

For more information about Seadeck, go to:

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The award winners of Australia’s most prestigious photography prize were announced in front of 1,000 guests at the official opening of the Head On Photo Festival at Sydney’s Lower Town Hall on Friday 29 April 2016.

Crowd favourite category, the Head On Portrait prize, was taken out by Antonio Heredia with his emotive portrait of brain cancer survivor, Oscar Prieto. Having beaten the disease following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy the striking image captures Prieto’s lasting reminder; a deep scar running down the back of his skull.

First prize in the Landscape category went to David Chancellor for a moving image of an injured giraffe on the brink of death in South African. The image attempts to capture the moment between life and death, where the animal is at peace and calm in a world only it inhabits. Winner in the Mobile division was Andrew Robert Morgan, with his depiction of his 87 year old grandfather’s loss of independence, reflected in the photo through the man forced to sit in the backseat of the car for the ride home because he is no longer allowed to drive at night.

Head On Photo Festival is Australia’s premier photography event and one of the world’s leading photography festivals. The festival boasts a bustling satellite program of talks, hands-on workshops and exhibitions. Photographers submitted works covering every known field of photography, from photojournalism to fine art to reportage to commercial.

More than 4,000 entrants vied for over $50,000 worth of prizes across the four categories: Portrait, Landscape, Mobile and Student.


First place:      Antonio Heredia   – Survivor
“Some years ago, 29 year-old lawyer Oscar Prieto was diagnosed with brain cancer. Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Oscar was able to beat the disease. Nowadays, he is the president of ASATE, an organization which provides help and guidance to those affected by brain cancer. By showing his own scars, Oscar tries to inspire and demonstrate that one can overcome cancer.”

Second place   Giles Clarke – Toxic Trespass
“Sameer, 16, is held by his mother Wahida at home in Bhopal’s Jamalpura neighborhood. Sameer was born to parents contaminated by carcinogenic and mutagenic water stemming from the 1984 Union Carbide gas tragedy which has claimed 25,000 lives to date. For decades thousands of families have used contaminated water leading to serious illness and birth defects, as afflicted Sameer. The title refers to scholar-activist Sandra Steingraber’s concept of toxic trespass, in which toxic chemicals enter our bodies without our consent.”

Third place      Kristian Taylor-Wood – HighScroller, Lauren Winzer 
“Lauren is one of the shining lights of the increasingly fashionable tattoo industry. Her quirky and unique pop-art tattooing style and expertise at blogging and social media have made her one of the most recognised names in the tattoo game. Lauren currently has 205K followers on Instagram, with the likes of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus banging on her door to get inked. This portrait is part of a larger series named HighScrollers.”


First place       David Chancellor – Giraffe, Blue Sheet, Eastern Cape South Africa
“The Fallen. There’s a moment between life and death, sleeping and waking that passes in an instant. For the briefest of moments one can see the beast at peace, calm and in a world that only he inhabits. All the chaos and trauma that went before is no longer bothersome; whilst vets regroup or hunters high five he waits patiently for life to start once more, or for some this is the end, and as I watch, the eye no longer is the gateway to the soul, but rather a reflection of the sky.”

Second place   Paul Hoelen – Vanilla Sky
“Mining access roads built through the salt pan lake of Lake Lefroy, south of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.”

Third place      Yasmin Mund – Rooftop Dreams, Varanasi
“It was 5:30am and I had just arrived at my guesthouse in Varanasi and instinctively climbed the 7 flights of stairs to see the sunrise over the famous river Ganga. As I looked over the side of the rooftop terrace my jaw dropped in disbelief. Below were mothers, fathers, children, cats, dogs, monkeys all sleeping on the roofs. It was mid-summer in Varanasi and sleeping without AC was difficult.”

Landscape NSW Award                                Ireneusz Luty – Manly Beach, Sydney
“Part of the series City de Noir. City de Noir assembles a suite of black and white images that focus on presenting intimate moments extracted from the urban environment. Through this, the selection draws attention to and captures both fleeting moments and particular contexts that might represent the unseen and overlooked life within the city of Sydney. Pictures employ long-exposure infrared techniques to capture the dynamism with a sensitive restraint of palette and temporality.”


First place       Andrew Robert Morgan – Losing Independence
“My grandfather, Albert, is forced to take a back seat ride home after a family dinner because he is no longer allowed to drive at night. He is an extremely independent 87 year old man, but the truth is that he cannot continue doing everything himself.”

Second place   Markus Andersen – Veil

Third place      Ako Salemi – Freedom
A woman covered by a burqa passes by the Roze Sharif holy shrine in Mazar-e-Sharif, where white pigeons often congregate. The pigeon is the symbol of freedom in Afghanistan.”


First place       Isabelle Sijan – Girl See’s All
“Girl Sees All depicts the average teenage girl looking at life’s obstacles. This is represented via the snow-caps of New Zealand’s Mount Cook, which can be seen as a double exposure in the subject’s eyes. While the mountain may seem out of place, especially considering the somewhat empty background, it acts as a representation of the obstacles in one’s life – whether a physical challenge or mental – and thus is not equally reflected in the setting behind the girl.”

Second place   Pia Wylie – Façade
“My artwork involves placing a physical object in the form of a mirror into the natural environment, blending and blurring the lines between reality and the reflection of reality via the manmade. I love the idea of allowing a photograph, something that is 2D to show multiple facades. I aim to evoke a sense of contemplation and allow the audience to create their own personal reflection through the complex and almost surreal image.”

Third place      Ana Burenkova – Stunned
“The water was colder than they thought it would be. I managed to capture the exact moment that they both realised they’d made a terrible mistake.”


Chefs Gallery, the artisans of contemporary Chinese cuisine, are set to spice up Parramatta’s newest eat street with the launch of their brand new restaurant on the ground floor of Westfield Parramatta.

Having opened the doors a little over a month ago, Chefs Gallery’s fourth restaurant is already drawing attention within the local community for their hand-made noodles, mouth-watering mains and innovative desserts.

The 200-seater restaurant is serving up signature dishes that have made Chefs Gallery famous all over Sydney, including, pan fried scallops (served with three sauces; chilli, sesame soya and an oil-free vinaigrette dressing), Macanese style mini burgers (with pork fillet, pork floss, lettuce and a sweet-chilli mayo dressing), and Chefs Gallery’s spin on surf and turf (lightly fried and salted fish fillet served with a mixed Chinese salad and crispy pork belly).

“Western Sydney is hungry for the same culinary offerings you would normally only find in the Sydney CBD and because of this, Parramatta is experiencing a huge boost in food and culture offerings of late,” says Chefs Gallery Founder Kaisern Ching.

“Chefs Gallery is about the craftsmanship of great food and creating dishes that produce a multi-sensory gastronomic experience. We’re thrilled to be showcasing the art of Chinese food to the people of Parramatta.” Says Ching.

In addition to a delicately modernised take on traditional cuisines, the restaurant’s drinks list offers a mix of Australian and European wines that sit alongside well known Asian beer brands. A stand out offering that mirrors the Pan-Asian menu is the Lychee Gold Cider, a boutique cider that’s brewed just outside Canberra and packs a sweet punch.

With chefs on display crafting hand-made noodles behind the glass walled kitchen, as well as a menu full of artfully created dishes, the experience of dining at Chefs Gallery is one that is unique in its theatre, artistry and taste.

The new restaurant is open seven days for lunch and dinner so if you’re looking for a flavoursome night out, or just somewhere special to go on your lunch break, Chefs Gallery is bringing a whole new dimension to Parramatta’s dynamic dining district.
Westfield Parramatta Ground Floor // Shop 2184, 159-175 Church St Parramatta

The World of Women’s Cinema (WOW) Film Festival launches in Sydney

The World of Women’s Cinema (WOW) Film Festival, which is in its 21st year, will launch in Sydney on Thursday 28 April 2016 and and tickets are now on sale.

An initiative of Women in Film & Television (WIFT) NSW, the festival will be held throughout various venues in Sydney from the 28th April 1st May, 2016, as well as touring to a number of venues and locations throughout Australia between May 2016 and May 2017.

Gillian Armstrong, acclaimed Australian director, has been announced as WOW Film Festival Patron for 2016, and her seminal 1979 drama film, My Brilliant Career , has been selected to screen at the WOW Film Festival opening night gala. The festival will also hold a special 25th anniversary screening of Ridley Scott’s iconic 1991 film Thelma and Louise, with a special Thelma and Louise trivia hosted by the ladies from SKITBOX (of “Activewear”
viral vid)

WOW Film Festival has an ultimate goal of  celebrating and recognising films by and about women, by both Australian and international creative teams. WOW Film Festival will also facilitate important conversations around increasing access, participation and recognition of women in all aspects of the film industry.

The program features eight curated programmes of short films as well as four international feature premieres. POWWOW, a large series of panel discussions will also run alongside the screenings, offering film goers and makers the chance to learn firsthand from some of the most experienced and celebrated individuals in the Australian film industry. As well as these key discussion based initiatives, WOW will host KAPOW, a series of masterclasses as well as a live table read of a unproduced feature script by an emerging female screenwriter.

For full programme information and ticket sales, visit the WOW Film Festival website –

WOW Film Festival is also currently running a crowdfunding campaign, offering supporters exclusive rewards such as an All Access pass to all films, panels, masterclasses and after parties throughout the festival duration, Support the crowdfunding campaign by visiting:



Australian audiences have been the first in the world to experience THE ART OF THE BRICK: DC COMICS exhibition and due to popular demand, the exhibition has been extended until 13 June, providing visitors with another six weeks to visit this must-see show.

Exclusive to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, this one-of-a-kind exhibition created by renowned contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya, has already sold over 110,000 tickets.

THE ART OF THE BRICK: DC COMICS features more than 120 original works of art across 10 galleries, created using over 1 million LEGO© bricks, including a life-size Batmobile, spanning 5.5 metres (18 feet) and constructed from 500,000 bricks. Inspired by legendary characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Harley Quinn and others, Sawaya has imagined large-scale sculptures featuring some of the most iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains from the pages of DC Comics.

A new sculpture ‘Showdown’ has recently been unveiled at the exhibition and features an epic confrontation between Batman and Superman. This new, large-scale work is made from over 30,000 LEGO© bricks and its release coincided with the Australian launch of Warner Bros. Pictures film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Artist Nathan Sawaya said, “The Powerhouse Museum must have super-powers because the success of the show has exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you to the Australian audiences who have embraced this exhibition. We are thrilled that we have been able to extend the season in Sydney.”

NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts, Troy Grant, said “This Australian exclusive for the Powerhouse Museum has been incredibly popular with families and fans of LEGO© and DC Comics. It’s a must-see and we are delighted the exhibition will be open for a further six weeks, providing more people with the opportunity to visit the exhibition before it leaves Australia.”

NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres said “We are delighted the exhibition has been extended due to popular demand, having already sold over 110,000 tickets. It was a real coup for Sydney to secure the world premiere of THE ART OF THE BRICK: DC COMICS and I encourage everyone to see this world class exhibition before it closes.”

The exhibition, supported in Australia by the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency Destination NSW, brings together contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment, to create the world’s largest collection of DC Comics-inspired LEGO® artwork.

THE ART OF THE BRICK: DC COMICS exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum will close on 13 June 2016. Tickets are on sale now at:

Exhibition details

What:                  THE ART OF THE BRICK: DC COMICS

Where:                Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW

When:                 Closing 13 June 2016


Tickets:               To avoid the queues pre-book your tickets at

Pricing:               Adult: $26

Concession: $22

Child: $16.60

Family: $64

_MG_8729 _MG_8727 _MG_8770 _MG_8767 _MG_8763 _MG_8754 _MG_8749 _MG_8744 _MG_8788  _MG_8779 _MG_8807 _MG_8805 _MG_8647 _MG_8598 _MG_8592 _MG_8586 _MG_8578 _MG_8572 _MG_8664 _MG_8661 _MG_8657 _MG_8673 _MG_8699 _MG_8683 _MG_8680 _MG_8632 _MG_8619 _MG_8618 _MG_8612

Porsche celebrated the opening of their Sydney South showroom with a lot of luxury and style

On Thursday 21 April 2016, the new Porsche Sydney South showroom in Alexandria launched with diamonds, luxury cars, designer dresses and lots of French champagne.

The German automobile manufacturer that specialises in high performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans teamed up with jewellery label House of K’Dor, Australian fashion designer Alex Perry and Moet Hennessey to make it a night to remember.

Guests were welcomed by Porsche Australia Managing Director and CEO Sam Curtis and Porsche Sydney South general manager David Jackson, and then watched a fashion parade with Alex Perry gowns and Porsche cars.

The night also raised more than $20,000 for the Pearls Charity with one lucky person taking home a diamond Porsche keyring by the House of K’Dor.

Bella’s Feast provided the canapes which included an Sydney oyster bar and Balmain Bug bar, while Moet Hennessey provided the champagne and Belvedere cocktails.

Special guests of the event included: The Bachelor’s Anna Heinrich and Tim Robard, fashion designer Alex Perry, Channel 7 Beauty and the Geek stylist Donny Galella, men’s fashion designer Brent Wilson, founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Collective Magazine Lisa Messenger, Australian race car driver Nathan Antunes, jewellery designer Zena Kaddour, and Nova newsreader Matt De Groot.

For more information about Porsche, go to:

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Tod’s and Ferrari host a VIP night at Sydney Westfield

On Wednesday 20 April 2015, ytd, on behalf of Tod’s and Ferrari Maserati Sydney, hosted Tod’s for Ferrari Showcase Aperitivo at the Level 3 Atrium in Westfield Sydney.

Tod’s and Ferrari, two of the world’s most prestigious and iconic brands, are both symbols of Made in Italy and known and loved all over the world. The exclusive partnership brought yet another sophisticated collection that is deeply rooted in the most authentic Italian tradition of craftmanship. An exclusive line defined by traits borrowed from the racing circuit, further refined by that unmistakable shade of red and Tod’s traditional precision in the production of exquisite leather goods.

Following the Aperitivo guests were invited to a VIP Shopping Night at the Tod’s Boutique to launch the new SS16 Tod’s for Ferrari Collection for men and inaugural women’s collection.

Special guests of the event included Channel 7 Beauty and the Geek stylist Donny Galella, Miss Universe Australia Monika Radulovic and artist fiancee Alesandro Ljubicic, stylist Joshua Heath, fashion blogger Phoebe Garland, model Luke Casey, models Jordan and Zac Stenmark, A Place To Call Home actor David Berry, and my lovely friend Ron Basto.

The partnership between Tod’s and Ferrari continues into the new SS16 Collection, a partnership that beautifully combines two luxury brands that are both symbols of Made in Italy and known and loved all over the world.

The Tod’s Ferrari Gommino is sold at:

Tod’s Westfield Sydney,

Level 3, Shop 3035,

188 Pitt Street,

Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 8203 0901


The much anticipated Hunter Gatherer bar and eatery launches in Sydney

The highly anticipated and much talked about launch of North Sydney’s newest bar and eatery, Hunter Gatherer, occurred on Tuesday 19 April 2016.

Located on the Greenwood Plaza rooftop, the venue is by the owners of renowned Bondi establishments The Corner House and Panama House.

Over 150 guests attended the cocktail and canapé style event, including top media, bloggers and influencers. Guests were welcomed with a choice of two cocktails: Burnt by the Storm (Bundaberg Rum, in-house made salted caramel ginger beer and lime) and Cobbled Together (Tanqueray Gin, Fino Sherry, in-house made preserved nectarines and lemon). Wines from Mad Hatters and beer and ciders from Sydney Brewery were also flowing all night. Craft sodas were also provided from PS Soda consisting of the flavours of smoked lemonade, grapefruit gentina tonic, wattle cola

Michelin star chef Paul ‘Mick’ Micklewright took helm of the kitchen serving up ‘Hunted and Gathered’ canapes to showcase the full menu including fresh locally sourced produce such as Batsman Bay oysters shucked on the spot by Luke Robinson from Oysters Unplugged; Thirlmere free range chicken liver parfait with brioche and onion jam; and O’Connors Range Black Angus wagyu brisket pastry and house-made pastry.

The full menu is on constant rotation, using fresh, locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and ethical produce. Their menu is divided into a hunted section which includes dishes such as: slow cooked Berkshire pork shoulder, roast fennel, green sauce and pigs ear crisp; hot sauce marinated Holmbrae chicken wings and Tarago river blue cheese sause; hot roast Jacks Creek black angus brisket with market veggies; and grilled Goulburn River rainbow trout, chilli butter and bean salad. The gatherer section of the menu includes dishes such as: quinoa, kale and avocado salad; mixed leaf salad with aged balsamic and pecorino; charred zucchini, haloumi, chilli jam and mint; H/G ceasar, cooks co-op eggs and white anchovy smoked bacon; fries with rosemary sauce; and roast root vegetables, rosemary with confit garlic.

The interior designed by Sonarchitecture fuses contemporary Danish design with rustic farmhouse finishes, and an abundance of lush greenery throughout blends the indoors seamlessly with the outdoors and onto the large terrace. The Italian designed feature wall is a focal point of the venue, illuminating landscape imagery with a psychedelic twist.

Hunter Gatherer is located at Greenwood Plaza Rooftop, 36 Blues Street North Sydney NSW 2060

Phone: 0459 555 816

Open Monday to Friday from 12noon to 3pm (Monday to Wednesday) and 12noon to 9pm (Thursday to Friday)

For more information, go to:

_MG_8184 _MG_8183 _MG_8178 _MG_8176 _MG_8170 _MG_8166 _MG_8155 _MG_8151 _MG_8149 _MG_8143 _MG_8138 _MG_8121 _MG_8120 _MG_8118 _MG_8111  _MG_8107 _MG_8105 _MG_8073 _MG_8101 _MG_8081


The 12th annual Sydney Comedy Festival will bring more shows, more laughs and even more absurd hilarity than ever before, when its colossal 2016 program rolls out from April 18 to May 15 across the city and beyond.

With support from the City of Sydney, the Sydney Town Hall joins the Festival with a line-up of epic proportions. Leading the throng is headliner Ross Noble (UK) with his new show Brain Dump, ABC TV’s Good Game Live where the hosts and special guests test their gaming cred and improv skills, and Giant Dwarf’s special fundraiser edition of Story Club, raising funds for Marrickville Legal Centre to help those in need.

Throwing more laughs into the mix is Lawrence Leung with a show exploring mind games and impossible coincidences, Korean clowning and beatbox ensemble Ongals, and Catherine Deveny’s show Pushy Women, featuring a bicycle ride around the city before a riotous show filled with stories from some of Australia’s most fabulous and fiercely funny women.

Sydney Town Hall will also host the Festival’s biggest ever children’s program, Comedy For Kids!, delighting young audiences with interactive fun and silliness during the school holidays at the Jungle. By night, the Jungle loses its PG rating and becomes the Late Night Club hosted by Rhys Nicholson and featuring performers such as Marney McQueen, Andy Dexterity and Brett Bower alongside an array of musical acts, cabaret, illusions and wildly funny sketch comedy.

Taking place at Marrickville’s The Factory will be Australia’s Funniest Shorts, a film festival that provides emerging comedy filmmakers with a platform for the production and presentation of short form comedy. While Redfern’s Giant Dwarf will host Bonus Stage, a live talk show just for gamers including special guests from the world of comedy, television and most importantly, video games.

Providing the ultimate sneak peak at some of the Festival’s most hilarious international and local stars this year will be the Best of the Fest Showcase. Taking place across four nights each week at The Factory, the Showcase is a must-see with tickets from just $15.

Returning to the Festival at the Enmore will be crowd favourite, Frocking Hilarious, an un-missable show featuring hilarious female comedians supporting ActionAid Australia’s work to empower women living in poverty to stand up for their human rights.

An abundance of late night fun will also be on offer at the Enmore with the Festival Club Comedy Up Late! delivering a surprise line-up of Festival favourites to entertain insomniacs, comedy die-hards and anyone not ready to call it a night.

Once again this year’s Festival will feature a smorgasbord of international comedic talent including Al Dene Bene (USA), Brian Posehn (USA), Tony Woods (USA), Dom Irrera (USA), David O’Doherty (IRE), Tanyalee Davis (CAN), Joel Dommett (UK), Jeff Green (UK), Luisa Omielan (UK), Craig Hill (UK), Sarah Gallaghan (UK) and Paul Foot (UK).

Local stars not to be missed include Em Rusicano, Nazeem Hussain, Rhys Nicholson, Matt Okine, Sam Campbell, Alice Fraser, Sammy J & Randy, Susie Yousef, Tripod, Tom Ballard, The Bear Pack, Tommy Little, Peter Helliar, Kitty Flanagan, Justin Hamilton, Nath Valvo, Michael Hing, The Axis of Awesome and many more.

What: The 12th Annual Sydney Comedy Festival

When: 18 April until 15 May 2016

Where: Festival venues include: Enmore Theatre, The Factory Theatre, The Concourse, Riverside Theatres, The Comedy Store, Giant Dwarf, Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Opera House and the Hayden Orpheum.


Tickets: Tickets can be purchased via the website or the Box Office: 02 9020 6966.