The ‘Sleep Happy’ Festival comes to Sydney

Sleeping Duck, an Australian sleep company, launched their 10-week bed festival in Surry Hills, Sydney on Thursday 17 March 2016.

Guests were encouraged to wear their pyjamas, lie on the mattress and even have pillow fights. They also enjoyed breakfast-inspired canapes and cocktails.

The “Sleep Happy” Festival highlights the company’s commitment to change the way we shop for mattresses.

From Friday March 18 till May 26, the 10-week pop-up will host five events running fortnightly for 2 weeks each. And because the best activities are undoubtedly the ones you get up to in bed, they’ve planned a few to keep things interesting.

You’ll find yourself fighting off bedfellows with a pillow, having your dreams read, and getting out of the office and into the bed for your weekly meeting. You’ll even skip that awkward first date by taking it straight to the bedroom. And forget Netflix & Chill, Sleeping Duck has you covered with movie screenings for you and your friends, or that coveted second date.

Sleeping Duck co-founder Winston Wijeyeratne said the pop-up is all about transforming the traditional mattress buying process.

“Shopping for a mattress can be so tedious and frustrating. We’ve created this popup so that customers can have fun, whilst also engaging with the brand and product in a lively and exciting way.”

Held at the blank_space gallery in Sydney’s Surry Hills, the space will be transformed into something out of a dream, featuring exclusive art installations by Sebastian Barkoczy, Jacqui Hudson and Saxon Duke.

Whether you like your mattress not too hard, not too soft, or somewhere in between, Sleeping Duck has a sleep solution to match your bedtime preferences. With the pull of a zip, their unique modular mattress can be simply adjusted to personalise your firmness.

“We don’t expect you to make a decision after lying on the mattress for ten minutes. That’s why we give you 100 nights to trial the mattress, where you can either swap the firmness or return it for a full refund.” Winston said.

Collaborating with SUKUHome, Derma e skincare, Dri Glo, Madame Flavour Tea and more, Sleeping Duck’s Sleep Happy festival will have lots of goodies and fun activities on offer.

“Mattress shopping shouldn’t be stressful and confusing. We wanted to continue the buying experience that people get via our website. When you go into a store it should be both a learning and an enjoyable experience, and this is what our festival is all about.”

They have kept costs down by cutting out the middle man and selling directly to the customer through an interactive and streamlined online store..

The no-fuss online buying experience and friendly service provided by Sleeping Duck allows customers to simply go online, select their firmness option and get the mattress delivered in a surprisingly small box.

Also, exclusive to Sleeping Duck, they have a half-half option for couples who can’t decide between medium and firm.

Whether you like your mattress too hard, not too soft, or somewhere in between, Sleeping Duck has a Sleep solution to match your bedtime preferences. The unique and modern design means Sleeping Duck can easily adjust firmness for customers by swapping out a single firmness layer, allowing for a firmer or softer mattress, or if required a bit of both.

The calendar for the 10-week Sleep Happy Festival is as follows:

  • Week One and Two: The Pillow Fight (Friday March 18 – Thursday March 31)

Have you ever wanted to let out your frustrations in a healthy manner? This is the time to do it. The showroom will be transformed into an arena with a bed in a boxing-style ring – all with an umpire to watch over as people let loose and fight it out.

  • Week Three and Four: Dream Teller (Friday 1 April – Thursday April 14)

Forget fortunes, we’ii tell your dreams . Come in, lay down and have a dream teller decipher your dreams.

  • Week Five and Six: Movie Screenings: (Friday 29 April – Thursday April 28)

What’s better than a night in watching 90’s flicks? Enjoy a front row screening of your favourite classic film at our Surry Hills pop up, with dinner, drinks and pillows on Sleeping Duck.

  • Week Seven and Eight: Sleep on the Job (Friday April 29 – Thursday May 12)

Meetings in the boardroom are never as fun as meetings in the bedroom. Use out pop-ups for the perfect team-bonding experience for your Monday morning WIP or your Friday afternoon beers.

  • Week Nine and Ten: First Dates (Friday May 13 – Thursday May 26)

An Australian first – bed first, dinner second. No more awkward moments. Bring your date to our bedroom and play an assortment of games as you work out if you-re found the one.

What: Sleeping Duck’s Sleep Happy Festival

When: Friday March 18 – Thursday May 26

Where: blank_space gallery 374 Crown St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Trading Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 6.30pm | Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 5pm

For more information, visit

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