Marie’s Crisis Broadway Sing-along comes straight from New York to Sydney’s Parlour Lane Roasters for the Spectrum Now Festival

Sydney CBD does not have a piano bar, nor does it have a sing-along bar. You would not think there would be a demand for such a thing but, on Tuesday 1 March 2016, I found out how popular it could be at the launch of the Marie Crisis Spectrum Now Festival Bar at QT’s Parlour Lane Roasters.

Marie Crisis Cafe is a world-famous piano dive bar located in West Village, New York. It attracts a crowd of mostly local gays and musical theatre enthusiasts, who go to this dimly lit below-ground bar to stand around a piano and sing Broadway musical hits. The bar serves no food, the alcohol is just house wine and two types of beers, and the trip to the bathroom is an ordeal. However, no one seems to mind. Put a dollar in the fishbowl and the pianist will play just about anything and the waiters will sing-along as well.

This piece of New York has been transplanted to Sydney for the Spectrum Now Festival. Sydneysiders can sing-along at the Marie’s Crisis Festival Bar from 1-10 March at Parlour Lane Roasters, QT Sydney from 5pm until late each evening.

Further, on 7 March 2016, there will be a huge outdoor Broadway sing-along, called the Marie’s Crisis Broadway Sing-along, in the Domain. Partnering with Hayes Theatre Co., audiences are invited to sing alongside some of Australia’s best musical theatre talent and the four singers from the Marie Crisis Cafe.

The four singers are Adam Michael Tilford, Jennifer Pace, Kenney M. Green, and Marc Castelli. They have all had extensive singing and acting careers in musicals.

All four singers were here for the pop up last year and have travelled back again this year. Last year they told the manager of the bar that they had such a good time, they would like to return. He told them to rest assured, they would be back. He usually goes home at 9pm. but while the four singers were here he was going home at 2pm. It was that simple. Business was really good. They were paid to perform till 10pm but they continued till 12 midnight and the bar was always full.

In New York the four singers work for mostly tips and they work very hard.

Well, it looks like they will be back again next year, and the year after that, and for many more years to come.

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