The Plant Gallery, a restaurant that serves raw, plant-base cuisine, opens in Bondi

On Tuesday 2 February 2016 The Plant Gallery, a restaurant that serves raw vegan food, opened in Bondi.

The Plant Gallery serves food which looks and tastes incredible but at the same time is raw, vegan, free of refined sugars, and gluten.

Nothing is heated above 48 degrees, preserving the enzymes, minerals and nutrients in the food, and keeping the colours fresh and vibrant.

The canapés served were miniature versions of those served as part of their menu. The drinks provided included cocktails made from Bondi Circus (a coffee liqueur).

The restaurant has white gallery walls which were adorned with paintings by local artist Annie Peros.

Attendees included health influencers Alison Morgan from The Relauncher, Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food, Kara Landau from The Travelling Dietician, nutritionist Fiona Tuck, actress Natalie Saleeba and the writing duo behind Axel and Ash (Hanna and Ashleigh).

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