Fossil celebrates 30 years of vintage heritage at Westfield Bondi Junction

Two years ago I walked passed the watches in a Fossil store in the USA and went straight to the casual clothing section and purchased a pair of shorts. I am not a watch person and did not realise that this company, started by two brothers in 1984, grew from a fashion watch company into a world-class lifestyle brand with over 400 stores in 120 countries on four continents. On 2 October 2014, I attended Fossil’s 30th anniversary, of vintage heritage at Bondi Junction Westfield where I learnt more about the history of these watches and even got given a special edition Fossil men’s watch featuring a vintage graphic on the dial.

Fossil embraces a spirit of freedom and adventure by exploring the infinite possibilities of life on the open road this season, and the bespoke Fossil tin car embodies this. Famous for their tins – every season the designs on the brand’s iconic packaging match back to the inspiration of the collection. Influenced by colourful tins of the 1940s and ’50s, the collectible tins have become a unique way to show off Fossil’s creative graphics while serving as environmentally sustainable packaging.

Guests gathered at the Westfield Bondi Junction activation space near the Fossil store to celebrate 3 decades of the American lifestyle brand, which is ingrained in authentic vintage and classic design. At this event, Fossil unveiled an artwork installation (a Fossil car made from iconic watch tins) that marked 30 years of product innovation and design. Those who attended posed with the Fossil car, in order to receive a custom Instaprint inside the Fossil store.

Channel [V]’s Danny Clayton was the host. Other VIP guests included radio personality and Big Brother 2013 Winner Tim Dormer, Home & Away’s Andrew Morley, Miss World Australia 2013 Erin Holland and this year’s The Bachelor intruder Mary O’Neil.

American-inspired mini hot dogs, southern fried chicken bites and custom cake pops were washed down with drinks served in vintage soda bottles, whilst The Voice’s Alex Gibson provided the perfect acoustic tunes to set the scene for the evening.

The custom-made tin art piece will be held at Westfield Bondi Junction until the 5th of October, before it ‘hits the open road’ and heads to Emporium Melbourne shopping centre on the 9th – 12th October.

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Bungalow 8 Annual Garden Party 2014

For eight years now, Bungalow 8 has been throwing an Annual Summer Garden Party. It is open to the public and attracts a large festive crowd. This year, Bungalow 8 held its party on Thursday 2nd October 2014.

The theme was Caribbean and, to get into the theme, guests were provided with leis and Captain Morgan branded pirate hats at the entrance. Complimentary drinks (beer, wine, champagne and cocktails) and canapés were served from 6pm. Music played by international DJ’s and Caribbean entertainment was provided throughout the night.

The crowd, mostly in their 20s and 30s, partied Caribbean style long into the night. They know how to eat, drink and be merry.

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