Après-ski launch at Zeta Bar

Après-ski, meaning to go out and have drinks after skiing, is a popular pastime in the Alps where skiers often stop at Alpine huts, inns and ski huts after a day of skiing.

Sydney’s Zeta Bar has brought this experience to Sydney at a launch party to commence its winter campaign on 11 July 2014. As the ski season hits its peak, for those unable to escape the daily grind and head to the slopes, Zeta Bar will transport you to the ultimate Après-ski venue whereby guests can indulge on festive cocktails, mulled wine, blazers and hot toddies, all while snacking on delicious roasted chestnuts.

The Après-ski evenings at Zeta Bar will provide the perfect opportunity for guests to warm up and enjoy a variety of hearty food offerings, including pork rolls with apple schnapps, as well as sizzling cheese fondue or garlic mushrooms. For something sweet, try the delightful toasted marshmallows dipped in rich and decadent chocolate fondue, or release your inner child and partake in the candy floss station with homemade lollipops.
`Zeta’s bartenders have also created an extensive cocktail list to fight off the cold weather with everything from a Double Black Diamond Espresso containing Johnnie Walker Double Black, espresso, cinnamon and a touch of raspberry, to a Toasted Marshmallow Gin Fizz incorporating Tanqueray gin charged with orange flower water and toasted marshmallow. If you desire a cold cocktail, there is the Frozen cocktail, which contains an oversized shot ofKetel One thrown in with liquid nitrogen and frozen into a sorbet like consistency and accompanied with fresh lime and ginger sorbet.

Other cocktails include the Honey’d Highlander (aka Fancy Hot Toddy) which is a combination of Johnnie Walker Black Label infused with stonefruits and honeycomb served hot toddy style. The finest of night-caps is the Roasted Chestnut Rum Blazer consisting of Ron Zacapa with toasted chestnut syrup and winter spices, served short and hot.

Those who attended the launch party included Channel Nine’s Today Show Australia guest vet Dr Josie Gollan, recently graduated NIDA actress Melina Vidler, and blogger from Simon Food Favourites Simon Leong.

So if you would like to experience Après-ski as they do in the Alps, make your way to Zeta Bar this winter for some winter fun. Lose yourself in the extensive seasonal cocktail list, dine on warm winter food and kick back around the fireplace or your very own private booth.

Après-ski at Zeta Bar opens to the public every Friday night from 6 p.m, starting Friday 18 July through to 29 August 2014. — at Zeta Bar

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