FVodka Australia Launch

Vodka contains zero fat, carbohydrates and proteins and seems to be a better choice in comparison to beer and wine. It is also one of the most popular distilled spirits used in cocktails and mixers. Its popularity comes from the general characteristic that it has no discernable flavour, smell and is clear, so it can be mixed with anything. If I had to imagine a drink that models would drink, it would be vodka.

Therefore, I was not that surprised when FTV (FashionTV) launched its own vodka called Fashion Vodka or F VODKA Australia on Friday 4th July 2014 at Casablanca Bar Double Bay. The event was an internationally televised event with models, celebrities and the media, Fashion TV is an international fashion and broadcasting television channel that reaches over 500 million households worldwide in 193 countries across five continents through satellites and cable operators. It is also present in more than seven million public venues such as bars, clubs, hotels, airports, fitness studios, beauty salons, fashion stores, etc. It is the only 24 hour fashion network in the world. It was founded in France in 1997 by Polish born president Michel Adam Lisowski. FTV can been seen in Australia on Foxtel and Fetch TV .

There are two types of Fashion Vodka: Super Luxury and the Party Collection. Both Vodkas are from Poland and are quadrupled distilled from the best Polish grains (wheat and rye). The recipe is a 200 year old recipe made for General Kosciuszko and the Polish White Eagles Legion and served to them during the American War of Independence. This story is documented on the bottle. The difference in the two vodka is that the Super Luxury has a lot longer filtration process and allowed to rest for a longer period which gives its a smooth cleaner finish. Fashion Vodka is sold at www.mybottleshop.com.au

Guests were served: cauliflower fritters with harissa mayonnaise; tomato marshmallows with harissa and Parmesan; lamb targine sliders with mayonnaise and rocket; and arancini of Moroccan saffron, parmesan and black olive. Guests also sampled Fashion Vodka in four cocktails
• Steve McQueen – Fashion Vodka, butterscotch schnapps, apple juice, lemon zest, lemonade and lime
• Paul Newman Punch – Fashion Vodka, pineapple juice, peaches and peach juice, lemons, limes, tea, lychees and lychee juice and grenadine
• Audrey Hepburn – Fashion Vodka, strawberry puree, lemon juice and Chambord
• Caprioska – Fashion Vodka, lime, sugar syrup and soda water

Guests included co-host of Channel Ten’s morning program Studio 10 Sarah Harris, band member of Australian band SKUNKHOUR Aya Larkin, Perth model and winner of Naomi Campbells’ The Face Australia Olivia Donaldson, winner of The Bachelor Anna Heinrich, beauty contestant from Beauty and The Geek Australia Jordan Findalyson, model Angelia Kambouris, model and Miss World National finalist Natalie Meeuwissen, food blogger from Simon Food Favourites Simon Leong, men’s stylists Christopher Haggarty and Trent Andersen McWhinney and the Stuck-Up girls (not in personality but for the butt lifting jeans that they sell).

So next time I watch a fashion parade on FTV, instead of imagining the gowns I would wear if I were invited to a lavish party attended by the whose who of the world, I will be thinking of the models and fashion designers who will be toasting to the success of their fashion collection with drinks of Fashion Vodka. — at Casablanca Bar Double Bay

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