Denham – The Jeanmaker Launch

When I was growing up in the Sydney, the Rocks was a tourist trap that locals would avoid. It was known for its tacky souvenir shops and unappealing pubs. Pancakes at the Rocks was the most popular destination (attracting both tourists and locals alike) and the only fine dining experience was hatted restaurant Rockpool (which opened its doors on George Street in 1989) but moved out late last year when the landlord decided to undertake renovations on the building it occupied.Today, the Rocks is a different place. You do not hear any negative publicity about the pubs at the Rocks as you do with other parts of the city.

As the old businesses close down, new more upmarket businesses have been establishing themselves. It is a safe place which attracts classier clientele who come to the area to eat at hatted restaurants Sake Restaurant & Bar and Ananas Bar & Brasserie, drink at one of the many safe bars such as The Argyle and BAR 100, and shop at European brand shops such as the newly opened French sports equipment company le coq sportif. It seems like the new retail strategy here is a blend of both day and night time businesses that attract both locals and tourists. The thinking must be that if locals start frequenting the Rocks more, tourists will follow.

This is why I was pleased when I heard the Dutch denim brand DENHAM The Jeanmaker (owned by Glue Store – Official) had chosen the location of the Rocks for their first store in Australia. They had taken a risk by choosing the Rocks instead of a Westfield Sydney location but I knew the Rocks was showing signs of moving upmarket and they would benefit from it.
The Denham store launched on 3 June 2014. One hundred and sixty RSVPed guests congregated in the shop and communal courtyard at the back to enjoy Woofys hot dogs, hamburgers, flavoured popcorn, Gelato Messina ice-cream, Patrón Tequila cocktails, Two Italian Boys wine andHeineken beer.

Guests included South Sydney Rabbitohs footballers Luke and Tom Burgess, Dylan Walker and John Sutton, musician/band Jackie Onassis, and fashion blogger Christopher Haggarty. PR was carried out by Tailor Maid Communications.

DJ Daimon Downey (formerly from the Sneaky Sound System) provided the tunes while the store’s affable ginger bearded tailor, Kyl Jones, made any necessary alterations for guests and posed for photos.

Good luck Denham and I hope your first store venture in the Rocks proves very successful.

 —  at The Rocks.

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