Royal Dragon Vodka Launch

Throughout history, gold has been revered for its health-giving properties. Over 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians ingested it for mental, spiritual and bodily puriifcation. In medieval Europe, Alchemists mixed powdered gold into drinks to alleviate symptoms of arthritis. Today, surgeons use gold to patch damaged blood vessels, nerves and bones, and as a treatment of several forms of cancer. Gold helps improve blood circulation, rejuvenate sluggish organs, strengthen mental function and improve emotional states

Therefore, when I was invited to the Royal Dragon Vodka Launch Party held on 27 May 2014 at Casablanca Bar Double Bay, I was excited. I was looking forward to drinking an award winning five times distilled rye vodka that was infused with the highest quality edible 23 carat gold flakes from Switzerland. After all, who would have thought that drinking alcohol would be advantageous to my health (even thought I am probably too young to benefit from most of the healing properties)!

At the entrance, there was a large replica of an opened Royal Dragon Vodka gift box containing a bottle with an illuminating light that radiated on a gold painted man who stood inside. Inside, guests listened to the dj, ate canapes, enjoyed a number of cocktails and even got to take home a large bottle of Royal Dragon Vodka Imperial if they won one of the lucky door prizes. The gold painted person,Timothy O’Neal, also emerge from the bottle to dance for guests.

Founder Michel Morren (who flew in from Hong Kong for the day), CFO Roland Sharman, Brand Ambassador Karim Gharbi, owner of Royal Dragon Vodka Australia Raj Beri and event organisers NAC Media Group ensured that the night ran smoothly (and even posed for many of my photos). Guests included regulars from the social sceen including Channel 7 Australia Fashion Stylist Donny Galella, Big Brother Australia’s Tim Dormer and Jade Albany, Asia’s Next Top Model judge Adam Williams PAGE, Stylist Joshua Heath, and even Sonia Gandhi who is the Director Gandhi Creations (not the widowed wife of Rajiv Gandhi).

After spending the whole night watching staff handle the magnificent hand blown bottle that contained a masterly crafted dragon within, I got to relive my childhood snow globe experiences by shaking an illuminated bottle of Royal Dragon Vodka Imperial to churn up the gold particles inside. What a perfect single photo opportunity of myself for the night! — with Nick Polias and 2 others at Casablanca Bar Double Bay.

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