Fashion Weekend Sydney

There isn’t anything more fun than shopping with a cool group of girls. Well, almost anything. But this Sunday 18 May 2014, we had a fabulous time at the Fashion Weekend Sydney presented by Shop Til You Drop at the Royal Hall of Industries. Thanks to Chantal Abdurachman, we received complimentary tickets into the venue and front row seats at the runway show. At the entrance, we could not walk past and not stop at the [yellowtail] surf board counter to sample their sangria. Inside, we watch the Canon Australia runway collection of Jamie Ashkar, Akin By Ginger & Smart, Winston Wolfe, Nicola FinettiTalulah LabelChristensen CopenhagenMaurie & EveBec and BridgeIxiah and By Johnny. Shoes & accessories were supplied by ROC EyewearAmber Sceats Jewellery,Estilo EmporioThe Mode Collective, MAN, Senso Shoes, and lack of color. Services were supplied by NP Set make up, Blow Dry Bar hair, Chic Model Management, Lara Karamian of LARA INC. & Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three. After the runway, I purchased a dress made of deer leather while the girls went crazy over the one dollar Sol Sana sandals and one dollar jewellery from 8 Other Reasons. What an awesome end to the weekend.

— at Royal Hall Of Industries, Moore Park

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