Meet the Team – Bar Ananas Relaunch Party

In the 8th grade I had a quiz in my French class and no one knew the word for pineapple in French. At the end of the quiz, the teacher told us it was the word ananas. One by one we all proclaimed that it was the same word in whatever European language we spoke at home – Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc. Then one girl stated it was the same in Hindi. We looked at her in surprise. She looked back at us and questioned us whether pineapples normally grow in Europe. Well, pineapples aren’t from Europe but neither are they indigenous to India. They come from South America.
Coincidently, there is a bar and restaurant in Sydney called Ananas Bar & Brasserie. However, it is not a South American Restaurant as you would logically assume. It is a contemporary French Mediterranean bar and restaurant and at its Meet the Team – Bar Ananas Relaunch Party held on 15 May 2014 it showed us just how good their food and drinks really are. They have just recently recruited an A-List of bartenders from bars such as Eau de Vie and Shady Pines. Their talented team of Rodrigo Vega, Charlie Ainsbury, Alex Grossett, Daniel Mussen, Mitch Horrocks and Rob Arcari where wooing us all night with cocktails which included their signature pineapple julep while the kitchen brought out one hatted delicacies that put all other bars who serve regular pub food to shame.

 — at Ananas Bar & Brasserie

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